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best gifts for new moms
Registry 10 Heartwarming Gifts to Show Your Support or New Moms
For new parents, help from friends and family makes a world of difference in postpartum recovery.
What to expect at baby’s first pediatrician visit
Health & Wellness What to expect at baby’s first pediatrician visit
Use this guide for your baby’s first pediatrician visit to navigate this first appointment and ensure it’s a productive one.
questions to ask a pediatrician at your first newborn appointment
Health & Wellness Questions to ask a pediatrician at your first newborn appointment
The following questions can help guide your conversation with your baby’s pediatrician during their first weeks of life.
baby sleeping on its back in crib when can babies sleep on their stomachs
Growth & Milestones When can newborns sleep on their stomach safely?
Babies should always be placed on their backs come naptime or bedtime. But once they’ve hit certain milestones, they can begin to explore different sleeping positions.
When can my baby sleep through the night without a feeding?
Growth & Milestones When can my baby sleep through the night without a feeding?
When your baby can start sleeping through the night without a feeding depends on your baby’s needs. There are general guidelines and protocols that can help you understand when your baby is ready f...
Solving bedtime battles tips for parents with toddlers and school aged children
Growth & Milestones Toddler sleep issues: 5 signs and how to handle them
Here are some scientifically-backed techniques that can make bedtime routines with your young child or toddler less challenging, thereby enhancing the quality of sleep for the entire family. 
Daylight Saving survival guide
Sleep Daylight Saving survival guide
While the Daylight Saving time change can be a challenge for some children, we’re here to guide you through adjusting your baby’s sleep schedule for Daylight Saving to make it as easy as possible,...
Baby developmental milestones
Growth & Milestones A guide to baby’s developmental milestones from birth to 12 months
Here are the common key developmental milestones in Year One, when your baby is expected to reach them, and how you can help your baby reach each stage.
User permissions: Privacy controls for modern families
Nanit News User permissions: Privacy controls for modern families
We understand that caring for a newborn is no small task – it takes a village. Many modern families have not just parents helping out, but grandparents, aunts and uncles, nannies, and more, all le...
The 6 month sleep regression: What it is and how to get through it
Growth & Milestones The 6 month sleep regression: What it is and how to get through it
You might have heard your parent-friends grumble about spending weeks slogging through sleepless nights around their baby’s four month birthday, adjusting routines, creating an ideal sleep sanctua...
Why Nanit is the best baby monitor for busy parents
Nanit News Why Nanit is the best baby monitor for busy parents
We designed a baby monitor that doesn’t feel like work. Every feature of Nanit’s camera and app was designed to make life easier. So you can keep an eye on your baby and help them get the best slee...
how to tell if baby is breathing properly. Parent leaning over side of crib and talking to her baby. Child looking at parent and smiling.
Health & Wellness How to tell if a baby is breathing properly: 6 signs to look for
Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’ve been through this before, there’s a lot to learn about your baby’s health and well-being. There’s a learning curve as you start the cycle of feedings, n...
pregnancy reveal ideas. pregnant parent
Registry 35 cool pregnancy reveal ideas
You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant — and the urge to tell your partner, family, and friends right away is all too real! Your pregnancy is huge news, so why not go big with a pregnancy reveal yo...
best baby registry items. family opening presents
Registry 25 best baby registry must-haves
Getting ready for your little one to make their entrance? There’s so much to do — and so much to plan. Creating a baby registry takes one giant task off your shoulders by organizing all the items y...
military parent and child smiling together
Nanit News Nanit’s Special Thanks to Military Families This Holiday Season
This holiday season, we at Nanit are showing our heartfelt appreciation for military families, who often face unique challenges when starting a family. We see your challenges and are truly apprecia...
nursery decor ideas mom and baby with crib and Nanit
Registry 20 nursery decor ideas that are unique and adorable
One of the most enjoyable parts of planning for your little one’s arrival is decorating their nursery. This serene sanctuary is centered on all things baby, from where they sleep to where they gigg...
hospital bag checklist for dad with new baby
Registry Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad: 18 Must-Have Items
Baby’s due date is nearing, and as excited as parents are to meet their little one, there’s still plenty to do. And among the long checklist that includes setting up the nursery and satisfying that...
nursery checklist for newborn baby and parent
The Nursery Nursery checklist: 20 must-have newborn essentials
In many ways, preparing for your new bundle of joy is the calm before the storm—but it can also be tricky since first-time parents are, well, new at the whole parenting thing. Having everything rea...
Parents with baby. pregnancy care package ideas
Registry Pregnancy care package ideas: The best gifts for each trimester
Here are some helpful pregnancy care package ideas that serve a special purpose for each trimester and show that you're thinking of them.
parent and child laughing, gift for new parent
Registry 25 Most-Wanted Gifts for New Parents
What to wear during labor. happy pregnant family mom dad child
Health & Wellness What to wear during labor: 6 comfortable options
Between setting up the bassinet and stocking up on diapers, what to wear during labor may be furthest from your mind. But as your due date approaches, getting the right clothing (and toiletries!) f...
14 Best Books for New and Expecting Moms
Health & Wellness 14 Best Books for New and Expecting Moms
Learning doesn’t end when you walk across the graduation stage. Life is filled with lessons to learn and new knowledge and wisdom to acquire, and that becomes even more clear when you become a pare...
When to Start a Baby Registry: A Registry Guide for Parents-to-Be
Registry When to Start a Baby Registry: A Registry Guide for Parents-to-Be
If you’re like most first-time parents, the thought of creating a baby registry is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a new market, which you may not know anything about...
Introducing Split Screen
Nanit News Introducing Split Screen
We wish we could say “We’ve thought of everything!” when it comes to our Nanit smart baby monitor, but the truth is that some of Nanit’s best features are the result of your feedback. And today, we...