The baby monitor.
Invented 1937. Reinvented 2017.

Nanit is super

Nanit speaks baby.

Understand your baby’s days and nights. Nanit’s camera uses something called computer vision. Nanit learns how your baby moves, and tells you if they’re fussy, awake or sleeping like a dream.

Understand their night and conquer sleep.

Nanit Insights helps you identify sleep issues, so you can adjust and get back on track fast. Nanit tracks—and understands—sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions and much more.

Your new morning briefing.

Every morning Nanit Insights delivers last night’s highlight reel. Plus a Sleep Score. So you’ll know instantly if baby’s sleep is improving.

Everything your monitor should be, and more.

HD Camera

Real-time HD video with best-in-class night vision, plus temperature and humidity sensors. Internet down? No problem. Nanit keeps streaming over wifi, unlike other cameras.

Our sturdy and elegant 5.5' floor stand gives you the best possible view of your baby, with safe cable management, and quick no-tools- required assembly. Uniquely designed to live behind the crib.

Smart App

Nanit’s iOS and Android app gives you access to live stream and smart notifications, from anywhere in the world. Add your whole parenting team for a single place to track events throughout the day.

Sounds and Night Light

Our diffused, ceiling-directed LED nightlight with gradual dimming technology warmly lights your baby’s room, and our nature sounds and white noise maker soothes baby to sleep.

Unlock Better Sleep with Nanit Insights

Nanit Insights is a paid subscription service that supercharges your Nanit monitor. Nanit Insights takes our best-in-class top-down monitor and transforms it into an Intelligent Sleep Guru. It unlocks Nanit’s Sleep Suite including the sleep score, day and night time-lapse summaries, sleep tips & advice, stored video history, and more. Every Nanit camera comes with a free 30 day trial of Nanit Insights.

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