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How Dads Can Connect - and Help - in the Newborn Phase

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Why do babies smile in their sleep?
Child Development Why do babies smile in their sleep?
Discover why babies smile in their sleep. Learn about baby reflexes, developmental milestones, and how to capture every precious smile with Nanit's monitoring tools.
“Thanks to Nanit, I Was Able to Catch the Early Signals”
Child Development “Thanks to Nanit, I Was Able to Catch the Early Signals”
Nanit helped one mom realize that her baby was at risk for developing a medical condition—and gave her the tools she needed to help. Read on for the full story.
Why Tummy Time Matters and How to Make It Happen
Child Development Why Tummy Time Matters and How to Make It Happen
Here’s when and how to do it—and what to do if your baby hates it.
Why is my baby breathing fast while sleeping?
Child Development Why is my baby breathing fast while sleeping?
Discover why babies breathe fast while sleeping and how to handle it. Learn about the causes and when to seek advice from your pediatrician.
Mouth breathing in babies
Child Development Mouth breathing in babies
Learn when it's normal for babies to start breathing through their mouths and the signs that could indicate a problem
Baby breathing patterns: what's normal and when to seek help
Child Development Baby breathing patterns: what's normal and when to seek help
Learn about normal baby breathing rates and when to seek help. Discover some of the factors influencing breathing patterns today.


Yes, Your Toddler Can Have a Sleep Regression

Everything was going so well…and then it wasn’t. Sound familiar? When your toddler stops sleeping soundly, what’s an exhausted parent to do? Read on for expert advice

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