What’s In Store In Your First 30 Days with Nanit

What’s In Store In Your First 30 Days with Nanit

Here’s what to expect as you get to know your new Nanit ecosystem and app.

If you are just now setting up your Nanit, chances are good that you’re about to experience the major milestone of welcoming a new baby into your life. Or maybe you already did! We know that getting into a groove with your infant can be difficult. Outside of the hormonal highs and lows and sleepless nights, there’s just so much to track and learn about your little one. Our job at Nanit is to not only provide you with helpful resources in monitoring and caring for your baby, but to make these resources digestible and easy-to-understand. 

So, in an effort to get you sorted, we’re guiding you through your first 30 days with Nanit. We’ll detail all the helpful intel of our features, including how to set up your device to meet your specific needs, the 411 on the joys (and perils) of parenting, your new community of parents, and so much more.  

Day 1: Welcome, Baby—and Welcome to Nanit!

The baby is finally here! After all these months, it’s go time. First things first: It’s time to set up your Nanit—which means you’re automatically enrolled in a FREE Sleep Insights trial. Insights work with your Pro Camera and Nanit App to provide invaluable sleep data, developmental tracking, Breathing Motion Monitoring, and so many adorable, can’t-miss baby moments. Learn more about Insights here.  


Day 2: Meet Your Live Screen Monitor

Hopefully you got a few winks of sleep last night, but as you settle into the groove, know that newborns generally sleep for at least half of the day, which means you have a lot to keep track of. Peep everything you need to monitor your baby in real time—in one place. Get started with the live screen basics:

  • Sleep Status: See baby’s last sleep event (included with the Sleep Plan trial)
  • Background Audio: Hear your baby, even when your phone screen is off
  • Night Mode: Get better sleep, with a darker, less disruptive visual
  • Rotate: Orient your screen to better fit your setup 
  • Zoom: Pinch to zoom in and get a closer look

Day 3: Line Up Your Parenting Team

As you’ll soon discover, caring for your little one takes a village—and with new babies, it really is all hands on deck. Although your current plan only includes one other user, you can upgrade to a Memories Plan now and add up to 10 users. Your aunts, uncles, nannies and nextdoor neighbors all thank you. 

Day 4: You Set the Rules

Let’s check in on your user permissions. We believe that you—and only you—should decide who can see what in your Nanit App. Customize user’s permissions in three ways:

  • Manage access level by assigning users the role of either admin or viewer
  • Allow certain viewers access only while they’re on your home WiFi network (great for nannies and babysitters!)
  • Control what viewers can do in the app, such as talking through the app or watching video clips

Day 5: The Breathing Motion Monitoring Revolution  

How’s that bundle of joy doing? If you’re feeling all of the highs and lows, we got you. At Nanit, we believe in taking the anxiety out of tracking key stats like your baby’s breathing motion. All you have to do is put your baby in our sensor-free Breathing Wear and we’ll take care of the rest—better yet, it’s included in your Sleep Plan trial. 

Day 6: Check out Picture in Picture

Got a toddler in the other room? Need to keep your eyes on multiple screens? We totally get that multi-tasking and parenting have always gone hand-in-hand. That’s why we designed our app so that you can live stream while using your phone’s other features—like watching a movie or scrolling through social media. 

Day 7: About Those Notifications… 

The one-week mark is nearing—and you’re doing great! Let’s take a moment to check on your notifications settings. You see, we understand that no two babies are alike, which is exactly why we made our notification settings customizable—so they can meet your family’s exact needs.   

Receive alerts for:

  • Sound and motion (and set the sensitivity to suit your needs)
  • Temperature and humidity 
  • When your baby cries (included with the Sleep Plan trial)—more on this tomorrow! 

Day 8: When the Tears Start To Roll…

…we’re right there with you—and that holds true for wherever you go. Nanit’s Cry Detection (available on both your Pro Camera w/ your Sleep Insights Trial AND Sound + Light) distinguishes crying from other sounds and lets you know when your baby needs you the most. Say goodbye to phantom crying! And if you’re shedding a few yourself, we get that, too. This parenting stuff is hard.

Day 9: Hold on to those Video Clips

Sure, your baby has been in the world for a little over a week, but there are already so many memories to obsess over! With Nanit, you can look back on some of your favorite can’t-miss moments with auto-captured video clips from Sound + Motion events. The past two days of video clips are included in your Sleep Plan trial—or you can upgrade to Insights Milestones for unlimited storage history. 


Day 10: Never Miss a Single Moment!

From baby’s first night at home to their first crawl (you’ve got some time for that), you can rewind, rewatch, and do it all over again with Nanit’s Video History feature. Upgrade to a Memories Plan to access the past two days of full video history, or a Milestones Plan to get the previous seven days.  

Day 11: Soothing Your Baby Takes Many Shapes

Already thinking through your future sleep success strategy? Well, here’s the thing about babies: when they sleep better, you do, too. With these parent-loved “hidden gems” of the live screen, you can:

Day 12: They Grow Up So Fast…

And here’s the proof—a Nanit feature that’s nothing but adorable fun. Your Nanit makes auto-captured video compilations so you can watch your baby grow—month to month, included with the Memories Plan.   


Day 13: What’s Baby’s Sleep Status?

We know—there’s a lot happening right now. Tracking your baby’s sleep status is one task we can take off your list. Even better, it’s included with your Sleep Plan trial. This feature will help you keep track of when your baby went to bed so you don’t have to think about it or try to remember.   

Day 14: Catching ZZZ’s Never Felt Better

Two whole weeks! Awww, they’re all grown up! When it comes to your baby’s sleep, we believe that knowledge is power. Heck, it might even be a superpower. On the dashboard tab, access your baby’s sleep data, room environment info, all in one place. We include a 2-day data lookback with your Sleep Plan trial, but you can upgrade for more data and advanced analytics like milestone data.


Day 15: Maximize your Sleep Insights 

Now’s the time to own your routine, by customizing your baby's sleep time settings, and deciding what works best for your family. Get started by telling us when you'd like your baby's night to start and end (we recommend bedtime between 6-8PM). Any sleep that takes place during nighttime hours will be treated as part of that night's summary. 

Day 16: Building Sleep Data

Sometimes looking at past data can best inform us how to move forward. Case in point: Your baby’s sleep habits. This period of your baby’s sleep habits is just about getting through it, so when patterns develop, you have all the data you need to move forward. See how your baby's sleep is trending over time to discover patterns and adjust accordingly. Your Sleep Plan trial includes a 2-day lookback, or you can upgrade for more days of data.


Day 17: Keep Tabs on Baby’s Environment 

Let’s take a quick moment to check in on your baby’s sleep environment. Research shows that temperature can impact sleep quality. FYI, the recommended range for a nursery’s temperature is around 68-72°F with humidity around 40-55%. Included in your Sleep Plan trial, you can track the temp and humidity levels in your baby’s room over time to ensure a better night of rest. 

Day 18: Level up with Advanced Analytics

Baby’s developmental milestones are flying by! We know that the little stuff can go a looong way. For example, for those enrolled in a Milestones Plan, Nanit’s dashboard includes advanced analytics like head position tracking, which tells you what proportion of the night your baby’s head faces to the left, right or straight. Spending time in all positions can help the development of your baby’s neck muscles. If your baby spends too much time facing to the left or the right, they may develop a common condition called Torticollis, which may need to be treated with physical therapy at the recommendation of a healthcare professional.  

Day 19: Because Memories Matter!

As you’re approaching three weeks of parenting your new little one, it’s easy to see that so many memories are worth cherishing. Here’s the good news: We file and store memories so you don’t have to—such as your baby’s longest total night of sleep, special anniversaries, and record-breaking moments. We’ll even make a Rise and Shine compilation of you picking up your baby every morning. Your Nanit’s Insights Sleep Plan trial includes 12 memories, so you can easily access and share them with your baby’s fan club (aka grandma). Upgrade to the Memories plan for 200, or Milestones plan for unlimited memories. 

Day 20: This Just In!

Seeking some sage wisdom from our arsenal of experts? Tips are only helpful if they make sense for your baby’s specific age. Score age-related tips from our Nanit Lab experts, as we hit your inbox with timely intel on parenting, milestones, sleep, and more to help you parent confidently (included with your Sleep Plan trial).

Day 21: Starting to Make Plans?

It’s been three whole weeks, which means you’ve hopefully had the opportunity to leave the house—even if it’s just to the grocery store. Watch your little one from wherever you go in the Nanit App. Or, if you’re staying around the house try simply live streaming your Camera feed from a browser at my.nanit.com (included with your Sleep Plan trial).  


Day 22: Take Your Nanit System-Wide

Who doesn’t love a cohesive home system? Your Alexa and Google Home systems are compatible with Nanit. This way, you’re never too far from baby (This is included with your Sleep Plan trial). You can also view your livestream on your computer on a browser at my.nanit.com

Day 23: Baby’s Major Milestones, On Repeat 

Sometimes it feels like each day with baby brings a new milestone. At Nanit, we’re up to the task! Upgrade to a Milestones Plan, and Nanit will auto-capture certain Developmental Milestones, beginning around the three-month mark. From rolling over to standing in the crib, never miss a milestone.

Day 24: But First, More Sleep

Can you tell we’re really hung up on this whole sleep thing? At this point in your baby’s infancy you can—and should—do whatever it takes to help your baby sleep better. But, as they start sleeping more independently (not until around four months, or later), we will send personalized tips tailored to your baby's sleep data, included with your Sleep Insights trial.

Day 25: Celebrate the Sleep Wins (& All the Other Wins, Too)

Successfully implemented a sleep tip? We’ve noticed! And you’ll earn a badge for that! Why? Because good moments deserve to be celebrated, and so does a few hours of rest.

Day 26: It’s Time to Check Your Activity Score

As your baby gets older—typically at around two or three months—they will become more active in the crib. Included in Nanit’s Milestone Plan, Activity Score will compare your baby’s activity level from last night with their activity level over the previous week.  

Day 27: Watch Multiple Babies at Once

Need your eyes on more than just one baby? We tip our hats to you. Watch up to two little ones (or three on Android) from anywhere with Nanit’s Split Screen capability.

Day 28: Four Weeks Means It's Time to Reminisce 

Your baby is four weeks old! Get the “one month” sticker ready and relive this first magical month with Nanit’s Video History. You can rewind, rewatch and relive your baby’s every second—or catch them being sneaky once they're on the move. Enjoy a video lookback period of two days with a Memories Plan or seven days with a Milestones Plan. 

With a Memories or Milestones Plan, your Nanit will also auto-capture monthly “Watch Them Grow” compilations of your baby growing up over time (how cool is that?!).

Day 29: Personalized your alerts for every stage

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a month! As your baby develops and becomes a real little person (it happens sooner than you might think!), we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Now is a great time to go back and adjust your notifications

  • Cry detection: Algorithm detects when your baby really needs you (Insights Sleep Plan)
  • Sound + Motion alerts: Adjust the sensitivity as they become more active
  • Temperature + humidity: Get notified when it goes outside of a comfortable range.

Included with any Insights Plan, down the line you’ll get access to activate new Smart Alerts for the moments when your baby… 

  • Crawls into an off-limits zone (Flex Stand required)
  • Stands in the crib—aka, naptime is over or they’re about to escape! (Floor Stand or Wall Mount required)

Day 30: Celebrate Your First 30 Days

You made it through a full month! Pat yourself on the back and wipe your tears. You did it! And guess what? The journey is just beginning. Celebrate with your parenting village: post a recent parent celebration and be entered to win a curated selection of products from our Pro Parent Shop! 1 winner is picked each quarter*

If you’re looking for even more Nanit, explore a Memories Plan so you can get more sleep data, see more cute memories, and don’t miss a single moment.

At Nanit, we’re here for you from infancy to independence - from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and all the crazy, joyous, stressful moments in-between. We’re so excited to be on this parenting journey with you. Here’s to the first 30 days and beyond.

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Natalie Barnett, PhD serves as VP of Clinical Research at Nanit. Natalie initiated sleep research collaborations at Nanit and in her current role, Natalie oversees collaborations with researchers at hospitals and universities around the world who use the Nanit camera to better understand pediatric sleep and leads the internal sleep and development research programs at Nanit. Natalie holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia. Natalie was an Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU School of Medicine prior to joining Nanit. Natalie is also the voice of Nanit's science-backed, personalized sleep tips delivered to users throughout their baby's first few years.

Kristy Ojala is Nanit’s Digital Content Director. She spends way too much time looking at maps and weather forecasts and pictures of Devon Rex cats and no-cook dinners. A former sleep champion, she strives to share trustworthy somnabulism tips with other parents—praying for that one fine day when no tiny humans wake her up while it’s still dark out. Her kids highly recommend 3 books, approximately 600 stuffies, Chopin’s “Nocturnes,” and the Nanit Sound + Light for bedtime success.

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