The Top Nanit Notifications, Based On Your Child’s Needs

The Top Nanit Notifications, Based On Your Child’s Needs

It’s power in the palm of your hands with our suite of customizable notifications, so that you can be in the loop on your baby’s moves, as much as you want to be.
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When we think of notifications, they’re usually the pesky kind, like the ding of a text message during a work call, or the vibrating buzz of a new friend request just as you’re falling asleep. But the good kind of notifications, the kind that bring you peace of mind around your baby, or could possibly signal sneaky behavior you’d want to be notified of, well that’s where our notifications come into play. 

At Nanit, our goal is to support and empower parents in the ways they need it most, whether that’s delivering data around your baby’s breathing motion, clocking their sleep success journey or hitting you up when they decide to hurl themselves over their crib to freedom. Our suite of solutions offer you a range of game-changing notifications that you can customize based on your child’s age + stage and your personal preferences. It’s power in the palm of your hand, literally.

We’re rounding out some of the most essential Nanit notifications, and why they’re vital to the safety and wellbeing of your child and entire family.

Nanit Notifications for 0-8 Months

Breathing Motion Monitoring

What: Nanit's Breathing Motion Monitoring provides real-time tracking, offering reassurance that your baby is breathing normally. Tracking breathing motion patterns over time can offer insights into your baby's overall well-being, which can be helpful for your peace of mind Nanit's Breathing Motion Monitoring can detect changes in breathing patterns and alert parents, allowing for quick intervention when necessary.

Breathing Motion Monitoring is available whenever your baby is wearing Nanit Breathing Wear, our babywear line featuring a unique pattern, custom-designed to enable your Nanit Camera to accurately track breathing motion. When you put your baby in a Breathing Wear Swaddle, Pajamas, Sleeping Bag, or Breathing Band atop their pajamas, the camera tracks that pattern, alerting you if breathing motion isn’t detected. Breathing Motion Monitoring is available with a Nanit Insights Plan.

Why It’s Valuable: The infant stage can be filled with questions, concerns and extra stress around the wellbeing of your baby. Breathing Motion Monitoring allows you added peace of mind in the beginning of your parenting journey. As your baby gets older and you grow more comfortable, you can adjust this notification as you see fit.

The Real Scoop: "I’m a first time mom and the Nanit breathing band has saved my sleep! The tech is amazing and I sleep better knowing I have this extra safeguard for my baby boy." -Karin M.

Motion + Sound Notifications

What: Nanit’s Motion and Sound notifications give you real-time alerts when movement or sounds are detected, so you can check to see if your baby is just dreaming or if they’re stirring and are ready for a feed or diaper change.

Why It’s Valuable: Our Motion notifications keep you in the know. Similar to Breathing Motion Monitoring, Motion notifications can alleviate anxiety by providing extra reassurance that your baby is resting comfortably. Since our notifications are customizable, you can always set your motion alerts to less detection if you’ve got an active baby. This feature is available to all Nanit users.

Cry Detection Notifications

What: This practical tool helps keep you closely connected to your baby's needs. Upon sensing the sound of your crying baby, your camera will notify you, ensuring that you're promptly informed whenever your baby requires attention.

With Cry Detection enabled, when your baby cries for at least three seconds, you will receive a push notification to your device. When you tap the notification, you will be brought to the live screen so you can check in on your little one. Phantom cries begone–cry detection can keep you informed without feeling inundated.

Each user on a camera’s parenting team can decide if they would like to have cry detection turned on or off. While it’s possible to have both sound notifications and cry detection turned on simultaneously, some users may choose to have just one to avoid receiving too many notifications. An Insights plan is required to use this feature.

Why It’s Valuable: Particularly during the first eight months of life, your infant will communicate with you primarily through cries.  Our Cry Detection lets you know when baby really needs you (and not just when they are learning how to roll around in the crib), allowing you to rest a little easier.

The Real Scoop:  "I love that I have the option to turn on Cry Detection and mute other environmental sounds in the nursery so I can really determine what's going on in her crib and how to respond by accordingly" -Caroline S

Temperature and Humidity Notifications

What: We monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your baby's nursery using built-in sensors within the camera stand. We share this information in real-time in your Nanit app, so that you can keep an eye on your baby’s environment.  Additionally, you can set up customizable notifications to alert you when these levels fall outside your preferred range.

Why It’s Valuable: Maintaining a comfortable environment is crucial for a good night's sleep for both you and your baby. Temperature and humidity can significantly impact sleep quality. When you receive alerts that the temperature or humidity goes outside your set range, you can make the necessary adjustments before it disrupts your baby's sleep. For example, you might receive an alert if the room gets too hot, prompting you to turn down the thermostat or open a window.

Nanit Notifications for 8 Months and Beyond 

Baby Standing Notifications

What: Nanit is with you through all the ages and stages, keeping you in the know with your baby’s moves. So once they’re eight months, you might not be as concerned with certain data. At this point, you might turn down sound and motion notifications (or shut them off altogether), but you’ll want to know when they’re standing (or plotting to climb over!) Our Baby Standing feature alerts you when your baby stands up in the crib continuously for five seconds or more. 

Why It’s Valuable: We love that this feature gives parents intel into when sleep or nap time is over. It also differentiates whether your baby is just dreaming or demanding - as in they might be making noise in their sleep or stirring, but once that baby’s standing, you know they’re fully up. Also, catching your baby standing early allows you to redirect them or adjust the crib environment before they attempt to climb overboard. Knowing that you'll be alerted to your baby standing can significantly reduce your anxiety, especially during this crucial period when they're developing new motor skills. (This feature requires a Floor Stand or Wall Mount as well as an Insights plan.)

The Real Scoop: "I love that you can now distinguish between sounds and movements with Cry Detection and Baby Standing notifications. Now that she's a toddler, she doesn't always cry if she wants something, but I know that when she pulls herself up to stand, she's ready to come out." - Quynh D. 

Alert Zone

What: Nanit's Alert Zone is a feature designed to give parents an extra layer of awareness regarding specific areas within your baby's nursery. Through the Nanit app, you can define a specific area within the camera’s view as the "Alert Zone." This could be anything from the space around the TV to a doorway or another area you want to monitor for movement. Nanit's camera continuously monitors the room and detects any movement within the off-limits Alert Zone. If the system detects motion within the designated Alert Zone for a certain duration (typically a few seconds), you'll receive a notification on your device. (This feature is exclusive to the Nanit Pro Camera when used with the Flex Stand and requires an Insights Plan).

Why It’s Valuable: We like to call it “Targeted Awareness.” This feature allows you to focus on specific areas within a room that you might want to keep your baby away from. You can also customize the alert to fit your needs. For example, you might use it to monitor a play area. 

Remember, you have the power to control Nanit’s notifications to suit your parenting preferences. Our job is to empower you with data, information and a bit of that crystal ball parenting magic so that you can be up to speed on what your baby’s up to and what they’ll likely be up to next. These notifications are more than just alerts - they’re tools that will adapt to your child’s growth, and help you do the same in the process.

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