From One Mom to Another: Words of Wisdom from Our Community

From One Mom to Another: Words of Wisdom from Our Community

Real moms from the Nanit Community open up about what they wish they’d known and the parenting advice that carries them through.

When you’re about to start off on a brand new adventure—say, becoming a mom—it’s incredibly helpful to have at least a small sense of what to expect. At Nanit, we strive to give new parents (and experienced parents, too) that gift in a variety of ways.

Nanit’s ecosystem is specifically designed to help parents and caregivers connect to insights, milestones, growth and behavior patterns and more, letting you know what’s coming up next for your little one and giving you strategies and tips for navigating each transition as smoothly as possible. 

So, if you’re a new parent—or about to be—know that at Nanit, you’re never on this parenting journey alone. And in honor of Mother’s Day, to help prepare you even more for the road ahead, we asked our Nanit Community and friends to share their best hard-earned parenting wisdom and advice. Tips and mantras that will be there whenever you need them, whether that’s next week…or two years from now. Read on (and often!) for some excellent mama company.

Congrats on entering the wild and wonderful world of parenthood! 

As you're about to embark on this journey, there are a few things I wish I knew when I became a parent myself:

  • Trust your instincts. There's no one-size-fits-all manual for parenting, and that's okay. You'll learn as you go, and that's part of the beauty of it. 
  • Don't forget to take care of yourself. Those early days can be tough, but remember to prioritize your own well-being too. It's not selfish—it's necessary.
  • Cherish every moment. Time flies by so quickly, and before you know it, your little one will be all grown up. Soak in the cuddles, the giggles, and even the late-night feedings. I love looking back on my Nanit to rewatch these moments.
  • Embrace both the challenges and the joys of parenthood with open arms. Prioritize presence over perfection and recognize that love is the most important thing you can give your baby.

As for me, I'm excited to continue growing alongside Sadie and to experience all the adventures that parenthood has in store. Wishing you all the best on this incredible journey and know that I’m always here for you!


Caroline, mom to Sadie, 7 months

To the mom about to have her second baby:

Two things can be true at once. You can feel excited for this new chapter while also grieving your first no longer being an only child anymore.

When they say every baby is different, every baby is different. Your new baby may not like the same swaddles, or want to be soothed the same way, but you will build a new special relationship with your newborn. 

Your first is more resilient than we give them credit for. As hard as you may think this transition is on them, it’s probably going to be harder on you. Take time for your first and your newborn and know that each relationship will be special and unique.

Be easy on yourself. You may not bond with your second as quickly as you did with your first. That’s ok; it’ll happen in time.

You’ll sleep again. You know you will, but it’s hard to remember in the beginning. Take time for yourself each day (even if it’s only 10 minutes!)

Accept all the help. Take pictures and videos. (Save your Nanit Memories and morning pick ups…all of a sudden, your baby won’t look so small in their crib anymore.)

Almost 3 months in and I feel like I am kind of, sort of, maybe getting my footing into having two kids and one of the biggest joys is seeing their relationship grow. It’s the best gift—having a sibling—and I’m so lucky I was able to give that to my children. 


Melanie, mom to Louie, 2 and Beau, 2 months

Bestie!! Welcome to the Mama Club. (You're probably knee-deep in diapers right now!)

Congrats on your little one. My firstborn, Lily, is already a whirlwind at 7 (the coolest, funniest, kindest little human!). And with another on the way this July, I'm feeling that familiar mix of excitement and "Oh boy" jitters (literally…because I'm having a boy this time!).

Looking back, I wish I knew just how much you learn on the fly. Sleep deprivation is so real, but honestly, those blurry newborn days were pure magic, fueled by those tiny coos and endless cuddles. I’m so excited for double the chaos, and double the love! Plus, I can't wait to experience those precious newborn moments with the help of Nanit this time around. Here's to learning how to actually stick to a routine that works and capturing every first that I can cherish forever! 

To you, on the brink of this adventure, breathe deep! It's a wild ride—messy, beautiful, and unlike anything you've ever known. Trust your gut, lean on your support system (don't be shy about asking for help!), and savor every moment. Yes, even the meltdowns.

If I had a magic crystal ball, it would show a future where parents feel empowered and supported. My hope for our generation of parents? Ditch the pressure and embrace YOUR parenting style. This little one is lucky to have you, and the next chapter is bursting with joy (and maybe a few spit-up surprises!).

Here's to this incredible journey.


Kayla, mom to Lily, 7 years and 1 on the way!

Dear wonderful Mama:

Welcome (and for some, welcome back) to the parenting path. You’ve heard so many cliches by now. Some of them are true for a reason. One of mine is that old saw about the days being long and the years being short. I can’t believe my little Covid-era baby is now 4! 

The other saying I revere is to always expect the unexpected—and to be OK with it. You will NOT make any mistake so big that you’ll ruin their lives. Promise. A day where you put all the wrong stuff or not enough stuff in the diaper bag (or in most cases, too much stuff—they always want the old measuring cups over those cute toys!). A day where they were hangry for a few minutes as you rushed to find something kid-friendly at the out-of-the-way rest area. A day where they fell down at daycare or a football bonked them at recess. They’ll surprise you with their resilience, every day. Everything passes. EVERYTHING is a stage.

And most of all, you’ll surprise you. You will look back on your old life and be all, Wow, I do so much more and feel so much more in a day now! You’ll be amazed at your strength, your levels of love and joy, and how much your heart can take in.

My parenting journey is absolutely nothing like I imagined. My family looks different from other families. We are a team—a very strong one—who is embarking on a new adventure every day. I want my children to be open to all kinds of living and to experience a life that brings them hope and thrills and creativity. This drives me during challenging days.

To have light in your heart, it is essential for a parent to do everything in your power to prioritize your own lightness and self-care. To find the mythical cup filler. It’s the hardest thing to make time for, and the easiest to sacrifice. But please, know that you—as well as your little ones—are deserving of your own boundless energy and strength. Your children live by your example, and learn to contribute to the world better by being kind to themselves.

Best of wishes and love to you on this path!


Kristy, mom to Ian, 4, and Ingrid, 7

Dear new Mama,

A word: I don’t think any of us really, truly know what we are doing. The early days of being a parent were basically a blur for me, a blur of worry, love, pain, confusion, joy, wonder… I couldn’t believe this little being existed. I worried how we would possibly manage to keep our new daughter alive. And of course, we couldn’t…not on our own. An army of people rose up, sometimes from the least expected places, to bring us food, guidance, sleep, breastfeeding help, a giant air conditioner, clean laundry, company in the middle of the night. And we made it through. When my second daughter was born, there the army was again. Some of the same people. Some were different. I was better at asking for what I needed, for waving a flag when something felt off. But there has always been so much I don’t know. Now my girls are 10 and 13. There is still much I don’t know. But I am learning that sometimes the best, the only thing to do is live through the day, the moment. Lean on your instincts. As Frozen’s Anna might say, Do the next right thing. And rally the troops. Because there is always someone who really truly wants to lend a hand. They just don’t always know how. So tell them: Show them the pile of clothes that need folding. Ask if your older child can come over for a playdate. See if they can pick up some groceries for you. Or just show up at their door and cry. And then laugh. And then take a deep breath. And get going again. Also, for inspiration, remember all the amazing things you get to introduce your child to: Dinosaurs. Trees. Ice cream. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Life. After all, kids have a wonderful way of making sure you stop and look around once in a while, so you don’t miss it. 


Holly, mom to Sadie, 13, and Gemma, 10

Dear Mama,

Buckle your seatbelt. You are about to embark on the most thrilling journey of your life! One that’s filled with sweetness and craziness and drama and late-night snuggles and laughter and the biggest love you could possibly feel. When I had my first child, suddenly the universe started making sense. I felt a deep connection to other mothers who I had never met, to my own mother and father, to random parents I saw on the street. You start to feel part of something so much bigger than yourself, which kind of gets at the heart of this whole parenting thing. I can’t give you too many words of wisdom - only to trust the process, trust in yourself and even when you think you’ve got it all wrong, let your intuition guide you. I won’t tell you to cherish every moment, because there will be days you want to forget. But I will say that it goes by really fast. So just enjoy the ride where you can. You WILL sleep again (at some point), and snuggle that baby hard, because the next time you turn around, they’ll be telling you to get out of their room. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. They’ll be FINE!


Caroline, mom to Leo, 11 and Margot, 8

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