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Parents love Nanit. Sometimes so much, they just have to let everybody know. These are real posts and reviews from real parents. Here, you can see what people who actually use Nanit on a day-to-day basis have to say about us.

Nanit Review
This has got to be the best monitor on the market! So impressed! Thanks @get_nanit
posted Jul 15
Nanit Review
Obsessed with our new @get_nanit! So nice to see tay so clearly and know when she is moving around and the room temps! All watching from my phone.
posted May 15
Nanit Review
Changes the game in baby monitors with room to grow
Chris S.
The video quality is fantastic and blows away my old RF baby monitor. I can actually see if my daughter has flipped over – which was always a guessing game with the poor clarity of our old monitor.
posted Apr 10
Nanit Review
Who doesn't want the best birds eye view of their baby?! As a new mom I was nervous to start my baby in his own crib but at 8 weeks old we started sleep training and by 10 weeks he was sleeping through the night (10-11 hrs) in his own crib!!! Yesss more sleep for mom and dad! Lol This monitoring system from @get_nanit has been amazing. Always get notified of anything happening in the crib and you get a short video clip of your babies entire night to watch for sleep patterns etc. It's been more entertaining now that he's flipping to his back and actually falling asleep! (He was waking because he's a tummy sleeper) Just a little tip for you new moms out there looking for a good baby monitoring system. Crystal clear picture quality was a MUST for us
posted Mar 20
With so much happening, we hadn't had time to set-up the #nanit a cloud based baby monitor. The little dude isn't using the crib that much, but when he does...
posted Feb 18
Sergio D.
There are many things I like about the Nanit. Picture quality and the aerial view. The ability to check on my baby from anywhere. Plus all the insights and information I get from the sensors and algorithms. The night light is also a nice touch. Perfect color and brightness.
posted Jul 19
Bin L.
I love the summary video of the baby's night, where we can quickly review all of her activity. It is especially great so I can feel connected to how she is doing while I travel internationally for work.
posted Jul 19
Nazia S.
I find the night and day summaries the most helpful. I like that the video feed shows me when my baby was put down and every time he woke up, as well as when he was taken out of the bed. Since I have a nanny, this feature is really helpful when it comes to tracking his day time naps.
posted Jul 19
Melissa C.
I like that it incorporates everything - temp/humidity %, great video and sound quality, very little sound delay, personalized touch on app with sleep summaries. Very happy with this product!
posted Jul 19
Kelly D.
I like the summaries for the previous night. It's cool to see a time lapse video to see how my son slept, how often he awoke, and when he went back to sleep. Also, the quality of the camera was really impressive. I liked that I could see and hear him without having to leave our room.
posted Jul 19
Cherie H.
I'm a working mom, so I love that it notifies me when there's motion in her crib and I LOVE the play backs.
posted Jul 19
Jessica D.
The nightly summary [is our favorite. It] helps us to track towards sleeping through the night and aids us in managing our child's day sleep needs or behavioral shifts.
posted Jul 19
Mel M.
[Love] the camera mounting angle/perspective. Probably psychological, but it's intuitive point of view as I'm watching over my boys while they sleep.
posted Jul 19
Gilad H.
The camera is very easy to set up and connect. Video quality is amazing compared to other monitors, especially at night. Sleep summaries are surprisingly accurate and provide interesting details!
posted Jul 8
Play Store
If you are a expecting mom, make sure to check the @getnanit monitor I’m obsessed and can’t wait to get mine. #nanit
posted Jun 28
Wonderful addition to our nursery and peace of mind
Irina S.
I also love the video summary, where you get to see the abbreviated version of the entire night and all the activity, seeing how your child goes in and out of sleep.
posted Jun 23
Elena L.
As a first time parent with a husband that works in technology, I was thrilled to see something like this come to market.
posted May 31
Play Store
This thing is great!
We like having the monitor work through our phone rather than on a separate device since it made it easy for us to both use the monitor in different parts of the house at the same time.
posted May 18
App Store
Super cool
Hard Rock!
This app is really awesome... I really love how it tells you how long its been since you put them down for a nap, saves me the trouble of having to remember.
posted May 18
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Daniela A.
As a busy working mom, I love my nanit! Gives me the insight I need when I can't be by his side.
posted Apr 25
Stop feeling guilty and start enjoying your child!
Danielle S.
WOW! This product delivers...It's so hard being a new parent and Nanit makes it so much easier. THANKS NANIT!
posted Apr 24
So far so good
We've been through ever monitor on the market, Nanit has lived up to the hype...
posted Jan 5
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Oz L.
Great product , great app!
posted Dec 21
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