Where Should My Baby Nap During The Day?

Where Should My Baby Nap During The Day?

Discover the safest daytime napping spots for babies. From bassinets to cribs, find the ideal nap location for your little one's safety and comfort.
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Daytime napping spots for babies: where and when to nap

We live in a tech-savvy world where countless parents have exhaustively researched, “Where should my baby nap during the day?” From cribs to bassinets, today we’re discussing some of the most secure places for babies to safely snooze during the day.

Where should babies nap?

Whether you’re running errands, traveling on vacation, or are simply a new parent trying to find the best place for your baby to nap, there will likely be a handful of times you’ll need to improvise. If you’ve found yourself asking, “Should my baby nap in the same place?” or “Should babies nap in the dark?” you’ve come to the right place. Below, we discuss some of the safest places to let your baby get those much-needed ZZZs. 


Designed specifically for newborns and babies under six months, bassinets are small portable cribs that enable your baby to sleep almost anywhere in your home. There are plenty of advantages to choosing a bassinet as your little one’s nap space:

  • They’re safe. Most bassinets include a firm mattress and mesh, breathable sides, which may reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • They allow you to stay close to your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that your baby sleeps in your room for the first six months of their life. Bassinets make it simple for them to stay close to you no matter where you are in the home. They’re also great for new mothers whose bodies are recovering from childbirth, because they limit the movement required for late-night, frequent feedings.


Cribs aren’t just napping havens for your little one. They’re the ideal long-term nap area for babies, as many cribs also transition into toddler beds when it’s time for them to transition to a larger sleep space.

Below, we highlight a few other reasons that make the crib a fantastic dream retreat for your little one: 

  • They’re designed with safety in mind. Manufacturers are required to design cribs with rigorous safety standards in mind, from spacing the bars just right to including guidelines for suggested mattress firmness.
  • They provide independence. As your little one grows, a crib offers them a place to nap on their own and adjust to sleeping without having you constantly next to them. Paired with a data-driven baby monitor setup, you can rest easy and observe their sleep patterns on your phone from the comfort of your couch.

Portable playard

A playard is a versatile baby must-have that doubles as a place for your little one to play and nap safely. Made with a sturdy frame and mesh sides, you can easily tote your playard wherever you go.

  • They’re portable. Going on a trip? Playards are the ultimate travel crib for your baby. Once you’re settled into your temporary residence, you can set them up anywhere, from the bedroom to Nana’s den. Setting up your portable baby monitor stand allows you to breathe easily, knowing you can monitor their breathing and check in as often as you'd like without disrupting their nap.
  • They provide a familiar nap environment. If your little one normally sleeps in a crib, then the occasional nap in a playard will make them feel right at home. Like a crib, they’re roomy and offer a protective cocoon of mesh, so your baby will feel safe and sound—and stay cool, too.


Nanit: Feel secure no matter where your baby is napping

While cribs are an excellent nap option, you can also use a bassinet, playard, or even a baby carrier, depending on your and your baby’s needs. Ultimately, your primary concern is ensuring their safety during their naptime.

Tools like the Nanit Pro Camera track important aspects of your baby’s sleep, allowing you to sleep comfortably with the knowledge that they’re doing the same. By utilizing your baby’s personalized sleep data, you’ll know exactly how well they slept, including how long your baby napped from the moment they fell asleep to the second they woke up.

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Key takeaways: 

  • Bassinets are a safe and portable option for newborns and babies under six months, allowing them to nap almost anywhere in your home while staying close to you.
  • Cribs provide a secure and independent nap area for babies, designed with rigorous safety standards in mind and the potential to transition into toddler beds.
  • Portable playards offer a versatile, travel-friendly solution for babies, providing a secure, crib-like nap environment with easy monitoring capabilities.
  • Nanit Pro Camera provides sleep analysis and monitoring to ensure your baby sleeps soundly, regardless of their nap location.


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