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Pregnancy care package ideas: The best gifts for each trimester

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You just heard the news – your loved one is expecting a baby! As excited as you are to pick out adorable outfits and become the newborn’s best friend, there’s still quite some time before the baby comes. Your loved one can use physical and emotional support during this time. Sending a pregnancy care package is an excellent way to demonstrate to a soon-to-be parent that you’re thinking of them and want to be of help during this exciting time in their life. Here are some helpful pregnancy care package ideas that serve a special purpose for each trimester.

What’s in a pregnancy care package?

A pregnancy care package is a gift box you give to an expecting parent filled with items they can use during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

Before building your care package, think about what your loved one likes and what would help make their pregnancy smoother. Then, you can start filling your gift set with anything from baby books and a hospital bag to a gift certificate for a massage and pedicure.

A pregnancy care package can be tailored to each trimester, or one big present can cover all three trimesters. The choice is yours!

First trimester: 5 pregnancy care package ideas

The first trimester can bring drastic changes. To help them make the first trimester a bit more comfortable, here are some care package ideas of what you could include.

1. Morning sickness soothers

While some may not experience it, morning sickness is a common side effect of pregnancy, especially in those early months. Morning sickness tea or drops can be an effective way to help your loved one curb their nausea. Look for ginger in particular, which may help with pregnancy induced nausea.

2. Pregnancy planner

A pregnancy journal is a great gift to help your loved one stay on track and remember every moment of this journey. These albums include sections on the first sonogram, baby name ideas, prenatal appointments, baby showers, nursery planning, and more. This gift is practical and fun (and one they’ll thank you for later!)!

3. Pregnancy book

First-time parents may have no idea what to expect over the coming months. A pregnancy guide, like the classic What To Expect When You’re Expecting, can offer helpful tips and tidbits as the pregnancy journey begins—and keep them from Googling too much misinformation.

4. Super comfy loungewear

Pregnant women might hang around the house a bit more during the first trimester, especially if morning sickness and other symptoms are difficult to handle. Comfortable, luxurious loungewear can feel like a big hug on those tough days. Best of all, roomy tops paired with elastic bottoms can fit a changing body well into the third trimester.

5. A sonogram frame

A sonogram frame takes these images off the fridge and displays them beautifully and prominently in your loved one’s home. Shop for a single frame, or find options that showcase a sonogram from each trimester.

Second trimester: 6 pregnancy care package ideas

By this point, your gift recipient is a little further along in their journey, with changes to their body well underway. Here are some gift ideas that are perfect for their growing belly.

1 Belly butter

The “baby bump” can start to appear as early as the end of the first trimester. As the baby starts to grow, the belly also starts to grow, stretching skin and making it feel tight and itchy. Send a soothing belly butter or oil in your care package to help hydrate your loved one’s stretching skin.

2. Belly bands

Belly bands are designed to evenly distribute the weight of a growing belly, alleviating pressure on the back and lower body. These bands can help your loved one quite literally carry the weight, support proper posture during pregnancy, and help release muscle tension as the body kicks in to help carry the weight.

3. Restaurant gift cards

Not every gift in a pregnancy care package needs to be baby or pregnancy related. Switch things up a bit and treat your expecting friend to a fabulous meal with their significant other. Choose a place that’ll satisfy their cravings, whether that’s a local breakfast cafe or an Italian eatery. You can even get a delivery gift card so they can order whatever they want to their door.

4. Compression socks

Compression socks are a welcome reprieve from swollen feet, a common side effect during the second trimester. These socks help blood circulate in lower extremities like the legs. This can reduce swelling and bring extra comfort. You can find compression socks in a range of fun styles and patterns, too, so your loved one isn’t stuck with clinical-looking, all-white designs.

5. Baby name book

Coming up with a baby name is a deeply personal decision for the parent-to-be. Yet, the perfect name doesn’t magically conjure up in every parent’s mind. A baby name book can help an indecisive friend narrow down their options and make a decision that feels right for their baby and their family.

6. Antacids

With hormonal changes and a growing baby pressing against their stomach, it’s no wonder pregnant folks experience significant heartburn as their pregnancy progresses. Placing a bottle of pregnancy-approved antacids in your second-trimester care package can help ease that discomfort.

Third trimester: 6 pregnancy care package ideas

The last trimester is in full swing and it’s time to prepare for the little one’s arrival! Here are some ideas of what to include:

1. Massage certificate

Bodies are stressed enough from regular, day to day life. Now imagine doing all this while growing a human! Treat your loved one to a little rest and relaxation with a massage certificate, and specifically with a provider that specializes in prenatal massage. For an hour, they’ll feel completely at ease, and those muscles working overtime can get a break, too.

2. Gift card for maternity clothes

Naturally, your loved one’s clothing will get tighter as their due date approaches. The need for maternity clothes is real by the time the third trimester rolls around! Save an expecting parent some cash on maternity clothes with a gift certificate they can use toward a little shopping spree.

3. A go bag

Instead of packing your present into a gift basket, pack some items in a bag your friend can bring with them when the big day comes. This way, they won’t need to worry about finding a bag last-minute; instead, they can add any quick personal items well in advance of the baby’s arrival. Whether your loved one plans to give birth at a hospital or a birthing center, this hospital bag comes in handy—and removes some stress from their final weeks of planning everything for baby’s arrival.

4. Baby tech

Getting ready for the baby’s arrival is a key part of the third trimester. Among the necessary bassinet, diapers, and blankets are items that help ease the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Baby tech like Nanit can help.

Nanit tracks baby’s health, wellness, and development from the earliest stages, with real-time technology that helps exhausted new parents tackle this new sleep routine. New parents can rest assured knowing that their baby is breathing and sleeping well throughout the night. The camera tracks the baby’s movements and sleep patterns, while breathing-wear enabled clothing and accessories help the parents know baby is safe and sound. With Nanit, you give your loved ones the gift of good sleep.

5. Pregnancy pillow

A better night’s rest is in reach with a pregnancy pillow. These special pillows are designed to provide support and accommodate the contours of a pregnant body. These pillows come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes to match each sleeping position and help prevent aches and pains.

6. Heating pad

Lower back pain comes with the territory as your loved one’s due date approaches. A heating pad used in small time increments can help soothe your expecting friend’s aches and pains. It can also come in handy long after delivery. Keep in mind, though, that the recipient of this care package may need clearance from their doctor before using a heating pad in the third trimester.

4 tips for creating your own DIY pregnancy care package

Now that you know what to include in a pregnancy care package, it’s time to create a present a pregnant person will truly love. Here are a few tips on how to build your own care package.

1. Find inspiration online

For creative ideas on how to wrap, arrange, and present your pregnancy care package, check out some ideas online. Sites like Pinterest can help guide you through memorable and fun presentations. With a little bit of customization, your care package will be picture-perfect.

2. Keep it practical

As much as your friend might love a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, putting it into a pregnancy care package might not be the best idea. Instead, include gifts like the ones in this list that can be used throughout pregnancy and even once the little one arrives.

3. Think about how far along they are

How far along the expectant mama is in their pregnancy can change what items end up in the care package. For instance, if they’re due at any moment, they already likely have a pregnancy planner filled out. Instead, maybe you can get them a gift card to a baby clothing store or a cute picture frame for a photo of their new bundle of joy.

4. Tailor it to their personal taste

As excited as you may be to create this care package, keep in mind who the package is for at the end of the day. While you may love chamomile tea, ginger might be more soothing for a pregnant person. Uplifting their needs and what will help them most is what makes a care package successful.

The bottom line

A pregnancy care package offers much-needed physical support for loved ones for their journey ahead. While you can certainly customize what to include in your pregnancy care package, think about what will be most useful during each trimester, and even afterward. From comfortable clothing to soothing lotions to baby tech that helps baby and parent get more sleep, the best gifts are practical ones your loved one will be thankful to have.