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25 Most-Wanted Gifts for New Parents


 Whether they’ve made it to the baby registry or not, these 25 gifts for new parents can round out anyone’s wish list (and make you the VIP gifter they’ll thank over and over again!).

Key Takeaway:

The key to finding a great gift for an expecting or new parent is to search for something practical, thoughtful, and most of all, useful. Which items will help make their lives a little easier? With this in mind, it’s time to start shopping for the best gifts for new parents.

1. Baby food maker

Some parents opt to make their own food instead of buying pre-made purees. With a baby food maker like Baby Brezza’s One Step Food Makers, new parents can steam and blend their baby’s food with just a touch of a button. Baby Brezza’s model is the only one on the market that automatically steams and blends baby’s food in one step, with no transfer or after-cooking required. Although a newborn won’t try new foods for several months, a baby food maker will be put to work quickly and regularly when the time comes.

2. Baby monitor

Any modern parent’s wish list has a baby monitor at the top of the list. This essential tech ensures parents can see, hear, and communicate with the baby anytime, anywhere.

The Nanit Pro Camera tracks baby’s movements, giving parents a clear picture of what their little one is doing at all times. The camera’s patented technology works with sensor-free Breathing Wear from Nanit to analyze the baby’s sleep patterns. Then, the accompanying app delivers tips to parents on how to improve sleep quality. The ASTM-certified monitor (for cord safety, giving peace of mind near the crib) comes in three mounting options, giving parents the best angles for their nursery.

3. Meal kit delivery service

Meal planning, prepping, and cooking can be a lot for exhausted new parents adjusting to a brand new schedule. Sending your loved ones a meal kit delivery service eliminates the added time to plan and prep, so they can eat healthy and skip out on daily takeout. With pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions, mealtime became that much easier.

4. Cozy robes

After a long day caring for a newborn, lots of busy parents just want some time to decompress while wearing something soft and cozy. A bathrobe is the perfect gift for them to wear out of the shower and around the house.

5. Silicone bibs

Eating isn’t exactly a clean, easy task with little ones. Save the new parents a few messes and baby outfits – not to mention cutting down on the laundry a bit – by gifting a silicone bib. These bibs catch any spillage thanks to the lip at the bottom, simplifying cleanup and minimizing spills (to the extent that’s possible with a baby). Silicone rinses right off in the kitchen sink, too.

6. Wireless night light

A gentle glow emitting from a night lamp helps feeding mamas see their way through the nursery without disrupting the baby – or themselves – with harsh overhead lighting. With a single tap, the light casts a soft glow, offering just enough light to see their way. Check out our Nanit Sound + Light Machine where you can take it anywhere with you.

7. Bath toy organizer

Bathtime doubles as playtime for a lot of curious tots, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom should look like the playroom. Help new parents keep bath toys organized with a holder that keeps them out of sight and mind when it’s not the baby’s bathtime. There are lots of models to choose from, including organizers with holes in the bottom to drain water, mesh models, ones that drape over the shower head, and those that suction to the wall.

8. Burp cloths

Burp cloths are a life-saver after a baby’s feeding time, and new parents can never have too many. These cloths are cute and soft for babies to rest their heads on, and they save parents from having to change into yet another outfit. A surplus of these clothes reduces the need to do laundry every day too, saving tired parents precious time and energy each day.

9. A bouncer

Give a new parent’s arms a rest. A bouncer or rocker helps parents find a few moments, whether it’s fixing lunch, answering emails, or tackling household chores. With many models available, from basic bouncers to high-tech programmable editions, you have no shortage of options.

10. Swaddling blanket

Swaddling a newborn helps keep them calm and lull them to sleep. Many swaddles are designed to allow babies to keep their arms in or out, which is an important feature once the baby begins to roll over. You can give a special swaddling sack like Nanit’s Breathing Wear Swaddle, or a series of blankets that can be folded to give the baby that secure feeling they need. NOTE: Never swaddle a baby who can roll over. Child safe sleep experts advise parents to use an arms-out option to avoid risk of suffocation.

11. High chair

As babies transition from formula to feeding, a high chair becomes a staple part of their daily life – and a fixture in the new parents’ home. Whether a standalone model or one that straps to the table, these chairs make feeding a baby a lot easier. You can even gift a high chair model that grows with the baby, increasing the longevity and practicality of your gift.

12. Diaper bag

For a gift that’s both practical and trendy, opt for a diaper bag (like State Lorimer Diaper Bag) that looks more like a purse or a nice backpack than a bag filled with bottles and baby wipes. Choose a bag that’s easy to carry (such as a backpack) and offers multiple pockets and compartments for anything a baby may need while on the road. Opt for a sleek neutral color that can blend in, or if your loved one likes to make a statement, choose a fun and funky pattern. 

13. Car seat

A car seat is not just a great gift, but a necessity: After all, new parents can’t drive home from the hospital without one! Some car seats grow with the child, so as they get older, the car seat adjusts comfortably. With many car seats to choose from, be sure to read safety ratings and reviews from other parents while evaluating your options.

14. Baby towels

End bath time with a cuddly towel. Gifting your friends a cute and absorbent baby-sized towel keeps the baby nice and cozy while drying them off. For extra cuteness and warmth, choose one with a hood and animal ears – perfect for their little cub. Check out our Routine Ready Bundle that includes Lalo's towel!

15. Crib sheets

From blowouts to excess spit up, a few extra crib sheets and blankets are a must. New parents will definitely appreciate this practical gift in the moment when it’s sorely needed. Check out the Knit Crib Sheets that is very soft. Or choose a fun print or inspiring nature design, like the designs offered in the Rookie Humans x Nanit crib sheets collaboration, or a design that looks great in your loved one’s nursery.

16. Insulated travel coffee mug

Between restless nights and days spent cleaning up after a newborn, new parents are no strangers to a bit of caffeine. An insulated travel mug can keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool for several hours – super important when the baby starts crying and the coffee is long forgotten as a result. Most importantly, lidded tumblers avoid hot beverages spilling on or near baby. These tumblers come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose your loved ones favorite hue for an easy, practical, and delightful gift.

17. Pacifiers

Pacifiers are ideal for fussy babies, and due to the frequency that they get spit out or lost, the more, the merrier. Gift your loved one a set of pacifiers so they always have a few extra on hand. Opt for ones that feature a mini stuffed animal on the end that helps baby self soothe and hold on better. You can also pair your pacifier with a strap that clips to the baby’s onesie or car seat.

18. Bassinet

Baby’s closeness to parents is paramount during those first few months. A bassinet alongside the new parents’ bed makes it easy to comfort and feed the baby throughout the night, while skipping a parent’s midnight trip down the hall to the nursery. Bassinets are available in a wide array of features, including some with white noise machines built in, those with co-sleeping designs, and models with storage underneath the baby’s sleeping area.

19. Silk pajama set

Not every gift for new parents needs to revolve around the baby. Instead, give a cozy pajama set for something special that’s just for the parents. A silk pajama set is sleek to the touch, comfortable, and can help regulate body temperature. If you want to go the extra mile, buy both parents a matching button-up set that they can wear around the house.

20. Parenting books

Navigating the newborn stage is hard, especially for someone parenting for the first time. There’s no shame in having questions, and helpful books can be a valuable resource as your loved one figures out the most difficult questions about caring for their baby. The right parenting book can help show them the way.

21. Milestone mat

Help your loved ones capture and cherish every moment of their little one growing up with a picture-worthy milestone mat. With different shapes, colors, and designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect one to match the baby’s room and the parent’s aesthetic.

22. Bodysuits

Babies can make a mess or 500, and you never know when you’ll need to grab another onesie (aka bodysuit). Make sure your loved ones are well prepared for all situations with an extra set. With cute designs and sayings to choose from, your practical gift can become a new favorite outfit.

23. Baby blanket

Growing up, many of us had that one blanket we weren’t willing to give up – and some of us may still have it. Get your loved one a memorable gift they can keep throughout the years like a special keepsake blanket with their baby’s name on it. Or grab Nanit Milestone Blanket where it's insta-ready and insta-cute! Choose one that’s extra soft and cozy that they won’t let go of as they grow older.

24. Stroller

Strollers are essential for any parent, whether going for walks or taking the baby to visit friends and relatives. Find a stroller that includes extra storage below and cup holders to easily place anything the baby might need during a walk or quick trip. For extra longevity out of your gift, look for stroller models with a baby carrier component that easily snaps on and off a wheeled base.

25. Smart sheets

Smart sheets are an easy way to measure a baby’s growth without a scale or measuring tape. When you purchase the Nanit Pro Camera, you can also add Nanit Smart Sheets for quick measuring. Simply lay the baby down onto the smart sheet, then the Pro Camera captures the baby’s measurements. New parents can then accurately track their baby’s growth through the Nanit app.

The bottom line

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best gifts to give your loved ones and their newest addition, it’s time to start shopping. Whether your loved one made a baby registry or you’re free to roam the aisles, this practical gift guide offers insight into the how and why behind some of the most popular presents any new parent can, and will, appreciate. For a comprehensive selection, consider exploring our collection of gifts for new parents and baby, ensuring you find the perfect present for every family.

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