From Sleeping Longer Stretches to Fuss-Free Bedtimes, our Parents Celebrate #TinyWins

From Sleeping Longer Stretches to Fuss-Free Bedtimes, our Parents Celebrate #TinyWins

Our rockstar community talks #TinyWins, and how Nanit helped them get there.

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Sometimes the smallest events in parenting are the ones worth celebrating. Did your infant go from two hour stretches to three? #TinyWins. Is your toddler finally putting himself to bed rather than demanding you lie with him for 45 minutes or more? We call that pretty big #TinyWins. At Nanit, we’re here to empower parents and caregivers of all kinds with the tools you need to feel your best on this demanding, joyous and at times stressful journey. So whether that’s letting you watch your child self-soothe after a bad dream or patiently wait until the Sound + Light hue turns wake-up green, then we’re doing our jobs right. 

We’re taking a moment to honor the #TinyWins that get us through and make us feel like maybe we’re doing this whole parenting thing kind of right. Because when parents feel more confident, everything else seems to fall into place, and a lot of #TinyWins over time end up becoming pretty big victories. 

Here are some of our favorites, below.

The Sleep #TinyWins

“A recent parent celebration was sleeping through the nights on vacation!”

“My husband and I have been trying to get our daughter to self-soothe and go down at night or for naps on her own without having to rock her for 30+ minutes. We have had some successful nights where she will just lay in her crib as we watch her on the Nanit monitor and she falls asleep alone without crying. She is also going to be a big sister this May so we are trying to nail this before her brother arrives. This is a tiny win.”

“I have a six week old who is not a good sleeper and cries from like 9 p.m. - 12 p.m.. My parenting win is having three consecutive days of no crying and getting four hours of uninterrupted sleep! It makes me feel human again.”

“We’re nine months in and it continues to be a whirlwind of emotions! We didn’t expect it to be so all-consuming, emotional, fun and challenging! Right now our biggest “aha” moment is being again able to sleep through the night. Well, sort of, because we still wake up at 5-6ish for a quick bottle feed, but hey we’ll take it! If you had told us at nine weeks that we will be sane again and sleeping through the night, we wouldn’t have believed you! So for all tired new parents out there, yes it’s trite and annoying to hear, but it DOES get better!”

The Feed #TinyWins

“We had our first successful bottle feed! My hubby has been having a little trouble with bonding, and when I talked with my postpartum therapist about it, she suggested integrating one bottle feed per day, before bedtime. It was really hard, lots of mixed emotions. I was happy for the bonding for hubby, plus a little excited for some freedom for myself, but also I was maybe a little sad because you feel like an outsider during their bonding experience. Overall, it became a cherished memory with lots of smiles for a new accomplishment with baby and hubs.”

The Developmental #TinyWins

“I’m celebrating that my seven old week baby is making sounds and motions and talking with me. It melts my heart. Also, he’s sleeping five hours straight during nigh. YAY!”

“A recent parent celebration was our newborn smiling and laughing in her sleep!”

“When my daughter took her first steps. It was so special to watch the same person who almost a year ago was just a tiny little thing now waddling around the house. The joy and celebration makes all the sleepless nights of days gone by worth it.”

“Our 16 month old loves her night time routine, bath, diaper, pjs, sleep sack (we call it a cozy cozy), reading a book with Nanit Sound + Light on, and her pointing to the light to switch to nighttime and falling asleep. Seeing her getting so big and loving her routine makes this mama’s heart happy!”

The Peace Of Mind #TinyWins

“We finally made it through all the mouth stretches for my son's lip and tongue tie revision aftercare! The first week was so hard, and then having to wake him up in the middle of the night (who does that!!!) to do stretches was the worst. He's now all healed and latching so good!”

“Knowing my daughter is being monitored by Nanit lets me know she is safe while she sleeps, and I can sleep while she does!”

We want to hear from you on your top #TinyWins during your parenting journey. Hit up our community, and share your own on this thread!

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