Now you can watch the big game AND parent at the same time

Now you can watch the big game AND parent at the same time

Thanks to Nanit’s compatibility with Google Home and Alexa - plus its multitasking picture in picture feature - you’re never too far from baby. (Touchdown!)

The second Sunday in February means one thing - gameday. Now, with your little one finally sleeping through the night in their nursery, you feel ready to entertain for the first time since giving birth. 

You’ve got the pizza ordered, the beers chilling in the fridge, and your Nanit’s picture in picture functionality open on your phone so that you can scroll Instagram - ahem, we mean “watch the game” - while eyeing your baby soundly sleeping. But if you’re busy setting out trays of mini hotdogs and catching up with pals, it’s never been easier to pull a parenting twofer thanks to Nanit’s compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

At Nanit, our goal is to provide one-and-done solutions that multi-task for you, so that you can think about one less thing on the parenting journey - whether that means kicking back with friends on a Sunday night or even staging a proper “date night” in your dining room without having to constantly check your phone. Enter Nanit and Nanit Show - part of the Amazon Alexa Skills lineup that enables easy voice control with Amazon Alexa. The command “Nanit” brings you to your baby’s stats and lighting options, while “Nanit Show” enables you to view your Nanit video stream and audio in your Echo Show/Spot. 

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    The Nanit Show also allows Nanit Pro Camera users to easily check in and see their baby from anywhere in their home, so that you can coo at your baby while they sleep (been there) or show them off to all of your friends without sneaking into their nursery in the dark. The Nanit Pro camera works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot, enabling users to view Nanit’s HD video stream and audio from anywhere in their house by simply saying “Alexa, show me [baby name]” or “Alexa, show me [baby name]’s crib.” You can view your live stream whether the camera is on a Floor Stand, Wall Mount, or Flex Stand.

    Alexa not your thing? Nanit also now works with Google Home, which allows you to watch your camera’s livestream and hear nursery audio on smart display devices like Nest Hub from Google. Similar to Alexa, you can view your live stream, whether the camera is on a Floor Stand, Wall Mount, or Flex Stand. This new feature can be set up by all Nanit Camera admins and owners with an active Insights plan. Just sign in to your Google Account in the Google Home App, search for the Nanit App, and login using your Nanit Account info, then select the camera you’d like to stream. 

    It’s no surprise that Nanit puts your wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do - every function we add, every design decision we make. We’ve got you covered in the nighttime hours with our commitment to bettering both infant and parent sleep. But the truth is, mental health sometimes looks like laughing with a long lost bestie, or sharply critiquing the halftime show (You got this, Usher). Nanit’s got you there, too. It’s just our way of helping make parenting a little bit better, and a lot more fun. So you can keep track of the score and any #Kelce sightings, while we keep track of your baby’s sleep.

    Fun Facts: Football Baby Edition 

    Did you know that two players on the Kansas City Chiefs became dads last year on game day Sunday? Christina Allegretti, wife of Chiefs offensive lineman Nick Allegretti gave birth to twin girls ahead of last year’s big game, while wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. and his girlfriend Chariah Gordon had a baby boy! Happy first birthday to these mini Chiefs!

    Meanwhile, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner and Sydney Hightower Warner are expecting a baby in March, which should give him a little more time to prepare!

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