Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts to Get Parents with Babies

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts to Get Parents with Babies

Discover the perfect holiday gifts for parents with infants or young babies. Explore thoughtful options to make this holiday season memorable.
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13 Holiday Gifts for Parents with Babies

Need holiday gift ideas for parents with infants or cute little babies? No matter how the new parents in your life are celebrating the holidays, Nanit is here to help you find the perfect gifts that are sure to make their holiday easier, brighter—and hopefully, merrier thanks to more rest.  

For the sleep-deprived family (aka everyone)

When shopping for presents for parents of newborns, there’s nothing better than a thoughtful gift that fosters a great night’s sleep. Set your loved one up for success with the following smart nursery essentials:

1. Nanit Pro Camera 

The award-winning Pro Camera goes above and beyond traditional baby monitors by providing sleep tracking and analytics, Breathing Motion Monitoring, Cry Detection, and more. Combine this baby monitor camera with our Wall Mount, Floor Stand, or Flex Stand to keep an eye on your baby from any angle and rest easy knowing they’re sleeping soundly. 

2. Nanit Sound + Light 

White noise machines help lull babies to sleep because the whooshing sounds mimic what they hear in the womb. A combination sound machine and soothing night light may be the perfect gift that keeps on giving—restful nights of sleep, that is. 

The Nanit Sound + Light Machine is a 2-in-1 option that offers both calming sounds and customizable lights to help create effective wind-down and wake-up routines: 

  • Choose from 11 sounds, including white noise and nature 
  • Update + save color/sound combinations as Favorites, based on the mood or routines you need (wind-down, book time, wake-up)
  • Connect your device to the Nanit App to easily adjust settings from anywhere
nanit sound + light and nanit sound + light app 

    3. Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Diffuser with Sleep Oil 

    Sound isn’t the only thing that can promote better sleep—smell can also play a role. Research shows that the smell of essential oils like lavender and rose can improve sleep quality through their calming effects. 

    Luckily, the Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Diffuser comes with all-natural oils that are free of harsh chemicals and other ingredients. Plus, the diffuser has an automatic shutoff feature that ensures safety for both babies and parents. 

    Vitruvi Stone Ceramic Diffuser on top of book with Vitruvi Sleep Essential Oil Blend

    4. OHOM Ui Self Heating Mug Set

    This innovative mug set not only keeps beverages at the perfect temperature but also caters to the chaotic schedule of parenting. With its self-heating feature, tired moms and dads can enjoy a warm cup of their favorite drink without the worry of constant reheating, providing a small yet thoughtful touch of relaxation amidst the demanding days and nights of parenting. 

    OHOM Ui Self Heating Mug Set

    For the family on the go

    As excited as new parents might be to have everyone meet their beautiful bundle of joy, it can be a bit overwhelming just thinking about leaving home—especially during the busy holiday travel season. Here’s how you can make getting out of the house easier for them:

    5. State Lorimer Diaper Bag

    The State Lorimer Diaper Bag looks like an average backpack, but it offers incredible features for parents with babies, such as: 

    • Changing pad 
    • Insulated bottle pocket
    • Side pockets 
    • Luggage sleeve
    • Stroller attachments 

    State Lorimer Diaper Bag

    6. Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

    Give new parents an extra hand—or two! The Solly Baby Wrap Carrier is a great gift idea that makes it easy for parents to travel, run errands, or pack up lunches before a trip. 

    This wrap’s biodegradable 100% certified TENCEL Modal material is soft, cozy, and good for the environment. Plus, the wrap has been shown to: 

    • Reduce infant crying by 43%
    • Calm gas and reflux 
    • Promote healthy parent-baby bonding

    Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

    7. Courant MAG:1 Essentials Charger

    This sleek and functional accessory keeps their essentials organized and charged, catering to the dynamic lifestyle of busy moms and dads. With multiple compartments for organization and wireless charging capabilities, this stylish accessory ensures that they stay connected and organized at home or on the go. Enhance the convenience and efficiency of parenting for the modern, mobile parent with the Courant Mag-1 Essentials Charger.

    Courant MAG:1 Essentials Charger

    For the mamas who need extra pampering

    Help the new mom in your life turn her home into a rejuvenation spa with some of our most high-end, mama-centric skin, hair, and health products—bundled together for even more value:

    8. Anya Postpartum Hair + Skin Bundle 

    It’s no secret that pregnancy can take its toll on hair and skin. That’s exactly why real moms created Anya’s Scalp Serum and Body Butter. 

    • Scalp Serum. Formulated to stimulate hair follicles and promote fuller, thicker hair.
    • Body Butter. Ultra-rich and deeply hydrating to soothe and nourish postpartum skin.

    Both products are doctor-backed, plant-based, non-toxic, and safe for breastfeeding.

    anya scalp serum on left side and anya body butter on right side

    9. The Rescue Me Bundle by HATCH

    If the new parent in your life is breastfeeding, consider this supportive HATCH bundle, which features: 

    • HATCH Collection Head Peace Wrap. A cute compression head wrap that provides cooling relief from pre and postpartum headaches with freezable gel inserts. 
    • HATCH Collection Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm. This lanolin, gluten, and paraben-free balm combines mango butter, pomegranate, and acai to soothe chapped or irritated nipples and lips. 

    HATCH Collection Head Peace w/ carrying bag + 2 gel inserts and Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm

    10. Mommy Matters Soothe + Heal Bundle

    This OB/GYN-designed set provides a clinically validated solution to accelerate wound healing, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide rapid pain relief after birth. The powerful red and infrared light therapy + gentle heat helps new mothers heal 6X quicker, as well as reduce the long-term risks of infections, incontinence (accidental bladder leakage), and painful sex. Help the special new mom in your life care for herself with the Mommy Matters Soothe & Heal Bundle.

    Mommy Matters NEOHEAT Perineal Heater and Mommy Matters NEOBRIEF

    11. HATCH Collection Belly Besties Bundle 

    Although this is a holiday gift for someone who is still pregnant, it makes our list based on its sheer value. 

    This Belly Besties Bundle features three of the HATCH Collection’s bestsellers: 

    • HATCH Collection Belly Oil. Formulated with calendula, sweet almond oil, and grapefruit oil, this hydrating blend helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
    • HATCH Collection Belly Mask. Pair the belly oil with an aloe vera-rich belly mask to further hydrate stretching skin and minimize stretch marks and scars.
    • HATCH Collection Belly Tattoos. For the perfect pregnancy photoshoot, add a few non-toxic, temporary belly tattoos that feature adorable images and cute phrases like “A Real Kicker!”

    HATCH collection bundle showing 4 stretch Belly Masks, Belly Oil bottle, and a sheet of Belly Tattoos

    For the brand-new, tiny versions of your favorite people

    Concerned that the parents on your gift list already have everything they need? Redirect your holiday presents toward their adorable bundles of joy.

    12. Slumberkins Bundles

    Slumberkins combines snuggly stuffed animals with storybooks that explore different feelings to help teach babies and toddlers about their emotions. Choose from: 

    affirmation card, sloth snuggler, and Creatures Full of Feelings book

    13. Miles & Milan Big Smile Bodysuit Set 

    This dreamily soft, smile-inducing onesie three-pack is perfect for the little ones who have no doubt already captured their parents’ hearts. 

    Available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months, each pack comes with one white, one black, and one gray bodysuit. 

    Baby wearing white Miles & Milan Big Smile Bodysuit and wearing a black headband and black sock and holding a rabbit toy

    Nanit makes holiday gifting easy 

    At Nanit, we’re committed to providing parents with magical, high-quality products designed to foster peace of mind, confidence, and healthy, happy babies. By choosing any of the expert-curated items from our holiday gift guide for parents (or from our baby gift ideas list), you can ensure a memorable holiday season for all the families in your life. 

    Need seamless, fast gifting? : if you can’t decide on any one item, a Nanit Digital Gift Card gives them the option to choose what they need! Happy holidays! 



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