10 Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Mom In Your Life

10 Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Mom In Your Life

Flowers are nice and all, but here’s what mom really wants this year.

After months of doing so much labor (emotional, physical, and for many moms, that labor), there’s no time like Mother’s Day to show the women in your life just how much you love them, with a few gifts they’re certain to love. From Nanit’s smart monitoring devices to mom’s next great read, this gift guide was designed to help expecting and new moms connect to what’s next.  So whether your favorite mama is always on the road or inevitably two steps ahead with the next big wellness trend, we’re highlighting just a few of our crowd-pleasers for next-gen moms. 

For the Postpartum mom 

There’s no two ways about it—bringing life into the world is an emotional and physical rollercoaster, and requires a few core items that can range from helping with delivery recovery to simply just making her really feel good when nothing else does. This period of time is delicate—and special—and a great moment to remind that new mom that she deserves some extra TLC. 


What: Breastfeeding might be incredible, but it can really hurt - especially in the first few weeks as baby is getting their latch down. This lanolin-free formula helps calm and soothe irritated nipples and relieve dry lips, which means breastfeeding can be more of a bonding experience for you and your baby and less of a major pain in the you-know-what.. 

Why she’ll love it: She can use it before, during, and after breastfeeding for 24/7 hydration. It also doubles as a lip balm, cuticle cream, you name it - and looks extra stylish on your bedside table.

Pushing on HATCH Collection Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm's dispenser


What: When her hands are full (and they will be!), there’s nothing better than a tote to keep a new mom feeling organized, especially when she’s functioning on a few hours of sleep, at best.. Whether it’s her hospital go-bag or just an everyday tote, this carryall offers a place to stash everything, including a front pocket for a phone, an inside mesh pocket for valuables, and a removable pouch for need-ASAP essentials. 

Why she’ll love it: Because there’s no chance of Dada “borrowing” it.

woman holding mama weekender bag


What: Our parenting solutions, including our Pro Camera and coordinating Sound + Light will set her up for success, or at the very least empower her to feel more confident via our arsenal of sleep and wellness data served right to her phone. So that means she’ll sleep better at night, or whenever the baby lets her…..

Why she’ll love it: Is there any gift better than peace of mind? 

side view of nanit pro camera + floor stand in front of low crib where floor stand fits #mount_floor stand

For the Wellness Guru

You know that friend who first taught you the word “adaptogen?” The one who encourages you to open your chakras and lights a sage stick every time you move apartments? Well, that’s the wellness guru in your life. And if that person just so happens to be a mom, these are the gifts we’re certain she will love—because why not help her feel all the zen when she needs it most?  


What: There’s a good reason why the NODPOD is called “The Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes®”—and we say, take your relaxation where you can. This 100% cotton, strap-free design equally distributes weight across pressure points to help calm mom and soothe her headaches and anything else that ails her.

Why she’ll love it: Because nothing centers the soul quite like a mid-afternoon nap.

woman laying on couch with nodpod sleep mask on 


What: The perfect accompaniment to the Nanit Pro Cam, this smart nursery must-have combines a sound machine with a night light to help her baby fall asleep—and stay asleep longer. What’s great for baby is great for mama, so consider this one a win-win.

Why she’ll love it: Because, honestly, the soundtrack library of white noise and nature sounds is relaxing for mom, too and makes the perfect background to a 20-minute sun salutation. 

sound and light showing white light with ellaola products


What: Pregnancy and postpartum means your body is going through a LOT of big changes. Whether dealing with stretch marks or just needing to luxuriate a bit, this body butter is our go-to. Not only does it reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it masterfully rehydrates and repairs dry postpartum skin.

Why she’ll love it: Not only is it backed by doctors, it’s also non-toxic, 100% vegan and entirely safe for breastfeeding. A total win your earth-lovin’ mama.

anya body butter lotion opened and applied on hands in bathroom setting

The Bookworm

There’s an often-repeated myth told among new parents that there’s no longer time for reading. Well, not this mom. Whether she’s between pumping sessions or simply up with baby at 3 a.m., her head is always in a book. This information-hungry mom is also eager to learn more and looks for every opportunity to do so.


What: Behold: The solution to the universal problem of unequal labor division within the family unit. Sounds like an oversell? Think again—this book changes the game. It's amazing how one smart book can improve a marriage and family dynamics alike. 

Why she’ll love it: There’s no gift quite like sparing someone you love the unnecessary anxiety that comes with divvying up domestic responsibilities.

fair play by eve rodsky


What: Talking about big feelings can be a language of its very own—and sometimes our little ones don’t yet know how to articulate these moments. This book helps children put words to their emotions, by way of their favorite Slumberkins creatures.

Why she’ll love it: It offers a true mommy-and-me experience, helping her connect with her little one to feel more valued and loved.

Honey Bee Mini and Slumberkins "Honey Bear's Gifts of Nature" Board Book - A lesson in Gratitude by Kelly O. and Callie C.


What: There are so many ways for women to experience pregnancy—and this book is here to make sure that soon-to-be moms feel as empowered as they possibly can with intel that goes beyond the standard recommendations. She’ll get all the advice she needs with none of the judgment. 

Why she’ll love it: Because she was totally obsessed with author Emily Oster’s other books, Cribsheet and The Family Firm.

expecting better by emily oster

The Jet Setter

Whether she’s traveling with or without baby, this mom has places to go—which means she’s practically gamified the art of smart packing. From heading to the cabin for the weekend to having a 24-hour whirlwind work trip to the opposite coast, these are the game-changing gifts that will make it even more worthwhile.


What: Traveling out of town doesn’t mean mom has to sacrifice keeping close tabs on her baby. This travel kit lets mom snap her smart monitor into the Flex Stand wherever she and baby may go. The upshot: Mom gets to enjoy her trip even more. 

Why she’ll love it: Because there are many unique colors and patterns to choose from for a travel case that’s so her. 

green travel case, phone showing nanit app, Nanit Pro Camera + Flex Stand, Breathing Band #color_green


What: You know the scene: baby has a full diaper and the changing table options are limited, to say the least. Pehr set offers the solution. This travel-pouch-and-changing-pad duo makes a quick diaper change outside of home easier, cleaner and more convenient. 

Why she’ll love it: She can keep all her baby essentials in one place.   

Different colors for Pehr On The Go Set


What: Every new mom will tell you—time suddenly feels a little tighter, so shortcuts—when possible—are often a good idea. These brightly colored travel cubes make packing and unpacking more efficient and organized, which means less chaos and more time for mom. 

Why she’ll love it: She’ll never again have to dig through her suitcase to find her socks. 

inside of State Packing Cube #color_blue

Registry Superstar

Putting together a registry and don’t know where to begin? This is the mom you want to talk to. She’s always on the cutting edge of the next big thing for babies. So when it’s her turn to be on the receiving end, you’ll have her wondering how she didn’t think of these gifts first.


What: If information is power, the Nanit Insights Plan is the Holy Grail, working with the Pro Camera and Nanit App to provide invaluable sleep data, developmental tracking, Breathing Motion Monitoring, and adorable moments along the way.

Why she’ll love it: She’ll never again blame herself for missing a milestone—it’s all captured on camera!

with the nanit app, know more and sleep better - showing different screenshots from the nanit app #mount_wall mount


What: Nanit’s #1 bundle—featuring our can’t-miss baby essentials—is available in all new colors! Show mom why our camera set-up keeps winning awards, again and again—and gift her the sense of calm that comes with knowing her baby is in good hands.

Why she’ll love it: From infancy to the toddler years, her baby’s sleep experience is totally covered—which means she’ll rest better, too.


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What: Because we love a black and white look. Even better, these squares are designed to support baby’s cognitive and visual development. Stimulated babies are happy babies, and these muslins are a great place to start. 

Why she’ll love it: One is always nice, but she’ll really love having a three-pack of these 100% organic cotton, unique styles wherever she’s headed next.

Baby looking at Etta Loves 3-Pack Drawing Print Muslin Squares

With so many Mother's Day gifts to choose from, don't miss your chance to shop the guide

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