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Say Hello to Nanit Pro

Would you believe us if we told you a baby monitor could make parents’ lives easier? Since its inception, the Nanit camera has been an extension of the parenting team – giving you eyes and ears where you need them most, peace of mind during the most anxious of times, and a personal sleep coach in the palm of your hand, just to name a few. Nanit is the only smart baby monitor that has given first time parents, and those more seasoned, the ability to see their baby from anywhere, track their baby’s sleep, breathing motion and now, using Nanit Smart Sheets, their growth. 

In between visits to the pediatrician but want to check in on your baby’s growth progress? With Smart Sheets, you can simply lay your baby (or toddler) down on a Smart Sheet in their crib and let Nanit do the work. You’ll be able to see your baby’s current height right from your Nanit app. Smart Sheets are safe and effective with no sensors or electronics on the baby’s skin or in their crib. They are made of 100% cotton, machine washable and fit your baby’s standard full-size crib mattress. We’re proud to now be the only baby monitor that gives parents the ability to easily stay connected to their child’s health and well-being.

“Tracking a baby’s height is an important and helpful way to understand their development in between doctor’s visits. This can help provide parents and caregivers with a complete picture of their overall well-being when combined with Nanit’s ability to monitor sleep and breathing motion,” added Dr. Natalie Barnett, Director of Clinical Research at Nanit.

Using AI technology, Nanit is able to capture your family’s most precious memories and provide you with personalized guidance to help your baby sleep better. With Nanit, parents feel more confident putting their baby in their crib. The latest Nanit Pro camera, and certainly our greatest, features a sleek new slim design, along with much-requested enhancements from Nanit parents themselves. Our award-winning camera now includes:

  • Crystal Clear Day and Night Vision – Get the best overhead view of your baby’s crib day or night with 1080P HD color video and digital zoom.
  • Monitor Baby’s Breathing Motion – All Nanit Pro cameras include a small Breathing Band (0-3M) to track baby’s breathing motion in real-time.
  • Track Baby’s Growth – The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System bundle will include a Nanit Smart Sheet, the first-of-its-kind crib sheet that gives you the ability to measure your baby’s height and track their growth through the Nanit camera.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Security – Nanit Pro includes faster processing and the highest quality real-time video display.
  • Superior Audio and Sound – Pro delivers higher quality sound and audio for features including two-way talk, white noise and nature sounds, background audio and real-time sound notifications.

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