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6 Reasons Nanit is Making Other Baby Monitors Nervous

If you’re another baby monitor right now, you might be shaking in your boots. We don’t blame you. After all, Nanit’s not just another baby monitor. It’s a sleep game-changer.

Allow us to explain. Here are just a few reasons why Nanit is making other baby monitors very, very nervous:

1.  Sleep Smarts in an Instant.

Nanit is the smartest baby monitor in the room. Its advanced machine learning and computer vision technology give you a full picture of baby’s sleep directly from the Nanit app. Morning, noon and night, you’ll have access to easy-to-digest night and day sleep summaries, insights and trends. Even better? Nanit gets smarter the more it analyzes your baby’s sleep. It’s like having a sleep expert on hand 24/7.

2.  Safer and Sounder.

Life with baby can be a little cray-cray. The last thing you need to worry about is your baby monitor. At Nanit, safety is our first priority. Our monitor was designed to be completely baby-safe, from its shatter-proof camera lens to its tip-proof stand with smart cord management. And forget those security vulnerabilities common with other monitors. Nanit’s data is secured with the highest level of encryption standards.

3.  No Wearables. Ever.

You shouldn’t have to change baby’s wardrobe just to track their sleep. That’s why Nanit has no wearables whatsoever. The magic’s all in Nanit’s camera, which stands discreetly behind your baby’s crib, never coming into contact with your little dreamer.

4.  A View Like No Other.

Nanit’s innovative stand gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of the crib every time. And Nanit’s camera provides a crystal-clear, HD-video live stream with superior vision even at night. No blurry images. No crib bars blocking what you see. No struggling to find a good spot to place the monitor. Just one unbeatable view.

5.  Effortless. For Real.

Nanit will make you feel like you have a PhD in sleep, but you won’t need an advanced degree to figure it out. It fits seamlessly into your life the moment you take it out of its box. Setup only takes minutes and it travels easy too. Plus, you can access Nanit’s live stream, from anywhere in the world, right from your phone or tablet. Added bonus: Nanit’s built-in night light, temperature and humidity sensors can all be controlled from the app. (P.S. If you find yourself asking “Is Nanit down?” you can check our system status at any time!)

6.  By Parents for Parents.

We’re a team of parents and sleep experts committed to helping families and babies get better sleep (that includes our kids too!). So every decision we make – from Nanit’s camera design to its app – is made with you in mind. We’re so confident you’ll love Nanit that we have a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. If you don’t like Nanit, simply return it for a full refund.

Right now, save 30% when you buy the Nanit Sleep System. Say Hello to Nanit and Goodbye to Sleepless Nights.

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Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.