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How Nanit Compares to Other Monitors

When we dreamed up Nanit, we did more than research other monitors. We actually talked to moms and dads about their day-to-day monitor struggles. We heard it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, from fuzzy images to bulky designs that seemed more at home in the 80’s than in the modern nursery.

Your baby monitor shouldn’t feel like a prop from Stranger Things. And you shouldn’t have to dedicate a whole weekend to setting it up. That’s why we designed Nanit to be everything you could want in a monitor and more.

Here are just a few ways Nanit blows away the competition. (Sorry, competition, but you had it coming!)

The whole crib and nothing but the crib

One of the biggest issues with current monitors? It’s hard to get a full view of the crib, especially one that’s not blocked by crib bars. Nanit was built differently. Its innovative camera stand goes behind the crib, providing an unparalleled bird’s eye view. So you’ll never miss a thing.

Farewell, fuzzy images and static noise

Your days of getting a headache squinting at the monitor or listening to alien-like static are over. Nanit’s camera delivers crystal-clear video and audio right to the Nanit app. And its high-quality night vision uses infrared diffused light to minimize the “red glow” effect, leaving other monitors shaking in their boots.

A monitor for this century

Your monitor should look and feel as smart as your phone. Nanit uses computer vision and machine learning technology to give you a full picture of your baby’s sleep. From our app, you’ll get day and night sleep summaries and real-time updates – no wearable devices required. You can monitor temperature and humidity from the app. And Nanit’s sleek, futuristic camera – with built-in night light – seamlessly fits any modern nursery.

Peace of mind – morning, noon and night

Forget about hazardous wires and security vulnerabilities. Nanit’s shatter-resistant lens and innovative cord management system are light years ahead of the competition. Its stand is tip-proof and never comes in contact with your baby. 

Simplicity at its best

Some monitors come with an overwhelming amount of buttons, flashing lights, wires and modes. But you won’t need a whole tech support team to figure out Nanit. It was designed to be up and running in a manner of minutes. And our app is easy to use, even at your most sleep deprived. Added bonus: If your Internet goes down, Nanit keeps streaming via Wi-Fi. (P.S. If you find yourself asking “Is Nanit down?” you can check our system status at any time!)

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Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.