Meet Nanit

The smart baby monitor that teaches your baby how to sleep.

Go ahead and blink. You won't miss a thing.

A big picture view of the littlest human in your home. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Rest easy, made easier.

New parents lose 44 nights of sleep on average during their baby’s first year. With Nanit Insights, the whole family can get more sleep.

Understand their night

How and when did she get her arm out of that swaddle contraption? Night Summaries give you a timelapse video of your baby’s sleep, so you’ve got all the answers.

Make the right decisions

Is your baby’s room too cold between 2 and 3am? Too hot? Is she soothing herself back to sleep quickly? Nanit knows, and now you do too with personalized Sleep Tips.

Save every memory

Whenever there’s action in the crib, Nanit is recording - even if it’s just your cat. And, unlike that scrapbook of baby’s firsts, Nanit does the legwork for you, so you can save the moments that mean something.

Celebrate sleep victories

Nanit tracks how your baby is progressing compared to healthy averages for babies of the same age, and lets you know when your little snoozer is making progress.

Get the complete experience.

Only $10/Month

Insights Subscription

(full experience)
  1. Sleep Tracking and Analysis
  2. Personalized Sleep Tips
  3. Saved Video History
  4. Timelapse Sleep Summaries
  5. Age-based Comparison
  6. Real-time Activity Feed
  7. Sleep Dashboard
  8. HD Video & Audio
  9. View From Anywhere
  10. Smart Notifications
  11. Background Audio
  12. Works Without Internet
  13. Multiple Users

Free Access

(basic experience)
  1. HD Video & Audio
  2. View From Anywhere
  3. Smart Notifications
  4. Background Audio
  5. Works Without Internet
  6. Multiple Users
Feature Insights Subscription
(full experience)
Free Access
(basic experience)
HD Video & Audio

High-definition video and audio gives you a crystal clear look into what's happening, day or night.

Yes Yes
View From Anywhere

Check in any time, anywhere from your phone or tablet. It's the next best thing to being there.

Yes Yes
Smart Notifications

Get real-time sound and motion push notifications with adjustable sensitivity.

Yes Yes
Background Audio

Continue using Nanit as an audio monitor, even when you're in other apps or your screen is off.

Yes Yes
Works Without Internet

Redundant dual-streaming means that Nanit works over Wi-Fi, even when the Internet goes down.

Yes Yes
Multiple Users

Keep the whole parenting team on the same page with multiple users and in-app commenting.

Yes Yes
Sleep Tracking and Analysis

Automatically tracks and understands not only your baby's sleep, but parental habits as well.

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Personalized Sleep Tips

Science-backed sleep tips that are customized for your baby based on their unique sleep patterns.

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Saved Video History

Watch, save, and share every adorable moment and memorable milestone.

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Timelapse Sleep Summaries

Get a highlight reel each morning and evening that summarizes your baby's nights and naps.

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Age-based Comparison

See how your little snoozer stacks up next to healthy averages for babies of the same age.

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Real-time Activity Feed

Like, comment, and share your baby's most adorable moments, right from the Nanit app.

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Sleep Dashboard

With one glance, understand how your baby slept last night, and what to expect for today.

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All plans include a Free 30-Day Trial

$10/mo or $100/yr

(Free 30 Days Trial, 30 Days Video History)

Insights Unlimited
$30/mo or $300/yr

(Unlimited Video History)

No monthly charges
(Free 30 Days Trial Insights Subscription)

Anywhere. Anytime.

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