Nanit was designed from the ground up
with babies and parents in mind.

Get a PhD in sleep.

Studies show sleep is a leading indicator of newborn health and development. Nanit Insights understands how your baby’s sleep quality changes from night to night, and compares it to healthy averages.

Crystal clear live-stream.

Nanit delivers real-time HD quality video, right to your phone or
tablet. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Designed to live next to your newborn.

From the unique directional antenna that keeps wi-fi signals away from your baby to our stable camera stand and wall mount, every hardware detail was crafted with safety in mind. And Nanit's videos and images are protected completely on our secure servers.

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Mom, dad, nanny
—all in lock step.

Nanit provides a single place to track events of the day, making handoffs for parents and caregivers a breeze. Plus, Nanit makes it easy to share videos, and even digital scrapbooks, with family.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Your baby's world stretches beyond the crib. With Multi-Stand, so does Nanit. Drop Nanit into Multi-Stand for a perfect view of the bassinet, the whole nursery, or even grandma’s house. Learn More play

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