The ultimate guide to new dad gifts

The ultimate guide to new dad gifts

A thoughtful gift can make new dads feel appreciated in a big way. It’s all about finding a way to balance the practical needs of a new parent, with something that uniquely fits their personality.

A carefully chosen present supports a new father in your life during his exciting transition into parenthood. Give Dad something that eases the path to parenting—here, our best suggestions for practical gifts that make life easier for the new dad on the block.

Why unique gifts matter for new dads

The beginning of fatherhood is a euphoric—and busy—new time. As a new parent takes in the joys of welcoming their firstborn, they’re also balancing many major life changes. From supporting their partner through postpartum recovery to adjusting to an infant’s unpredictable sleep schedule, it’s perfectly normal for dads to feel a range of emotions. 

A thoughtful gift can make new dads feel appreciated in a big way. It’s all about finding a way to balance the logistical needs of a new parent, with something that uniquely fits their personality. And modern dads have the advantage of embarking on parenthood equipped with cutting-edge baby gadgets. If you want to make dad’s life easier all around, consider exploring the many tech tools that can support his new routine.

Top 7 unique and thoughtful new dad gifts for 2023

While these gift ideas are great for Father’s Day, they’ll surely be welcome anytime for the new dads in your life. 

1. Gifts to keep baby close

A well-fitted, comfortable baby carrier is essential. With many designs to choose from, baby carriers can help new dads hold their baby hands-free, allowing them to warm a bottle or do the dishes. 

There are classic baby carriers like the Solly Baby Wrap Carrier or the Baby Bjorn, and there are also shirts with baby pouches built in, such as the Lalabu Dad shirt. These specially tailored dad shirts aren’t just for when you’re on the go. You’ll need to sit down to use something like the Seraphine Cotton Skin to Skin Top, but it can help make those precious moments of bonding much more comfortable.

Solly Baby Wrap Carrier  Lalabu Dad Shirt

 2. Gifts to help baby (and dad) sleep

Ask most new parents what their top need is, and many will say more sleep. One of the best ways to fulfill that wish is to give them tools that can help their baby sleep more. The Nanit Sound and Light is a great way to soothe your baby to slumberland and help them sleep longer. For new dads looking to bond and build daily routines, the Sound and Light smart baby night light and sound machine allows them to customize colors and choose from 11 sounds, so their baby learns it’s time to wind down (and dad shortly follows suit).

Babies who use white noise machines throughout the night can sleep up to two hours longer, a Nanit Lab study found. That can mean extra hours of sleep for dad, too.

3. Gifts to help keep a new dad caffeinated

After weeks of 2 a.m. feedings, caffeine may very well be a new dad’s best friend. Keep them  happy and alert with a gift of their favorite caffeinated drinks. Coffee or tea subscriptions can keep dad stocked up without ever having to leave the house. You can also upgrade his beverage brewing equipment.

There’s no shortage of high-tech coffee makers out there for nearly every preferred coffee style. Many models include impressive presetting features, so you can have Dad’s coffee ready when he’s getting up at the crack of dawn. And when he’s craving a cup of joe but doesn't want to disturb naptime, there are coffee makers out there that barely make a peep. 

If the dad in your life prefers tea, an electric kettle boils water quickly. And it automatically turns off, so he doesn’t have to worry about turning off a whistling stove kettle. 

Whether he’s a coffee or tea drinker, he’ll appreciate the gift of a self-heating mug system that maintains his warm beverage at the perfect drinking temperature, and doubles as a wireless phone charger.

4. Gifts to help dad relax

Finding time for self-care as a new parent can seem like a herculean task. If you want to help a new dad relax, gift ideas that are flexible and easy to use are essential. For instance, self-massagers that are portable and don’t make much noise, such as the Mebak 3, are the way to go if you want to give a new dad’s shoulders some relief.

Mebak 3 Massage Gun

5. Gifts to help dad with feedings

Feeding can be a great parent-baby bonding experience. High-tech bottle warmers make it easy for dad to make the perfect temperature bottle. And if the birthing parent is breastfeeding, dad can still enjoy a nurturing moment. Some of these bottle warmers even feature a breast milk defroster, so any caregiver can nourish the baby.

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

6. Gifts for dad’s phone

Between snapping millions of baby pictures, and searching for answers to all their new dad questions, the phone is getting a lot of use. There are tons of smartphone accessories that a new dad could use. 

Wireless chargers can help dad keep his phone battery full without having to search for cords. If he needs some extra power while on the go, external battery packs can supply it. And for the dad that likes to keep things clean, smartphone sanitizers such as HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Phone Sanitizer can keep his phone germ free.

7. Gifts to help dad make memories

A new dad wants to document all of the memorable moments he’s experiencing. Gift something to help show off the important new baby milestones: A digital photo frame rotates through precious memories, so dad doesn’t have to pick just one. 

Digital Photo Frame

You can also get really creative and make a custom personal storybook with all of dad’s favorite photos. Caption favorite pictures for a sweet narrative about how much dad loves their new baby. It may be a new bedtime favorite, and the start of even more foundational moments in the parenthood journey.

Custom photo book

How to choose the perfect gift for a new dad

Finding the right gift for a new father is all about choosing a present with the right personal touch. In addition to researching the abundance of cool dad gifts out there, think about the recipient’s specific personality. Is he a homebody who will mostly be feeding baby on the couch? Or are they an active dad who will probably be bringing baby along on adventures and could use a good hiking stroller? Is his love language old-fashioned dad stuff? Or, does he get a thrill from tech gadgets that provide insightful data? When shopping for gifts for new dads, the important thing is to prioritize dad’s individual lifestyle. 

Nanit: The perfect tech gift for new dads

Nanit has many tools to help new dads get used to this whole parenting thing. In addition to the Sound and Light machine, Nanit’s Pro Camera baby monitor can give dad peace of mind when their baby is resting. For dads who want detailed insights into baby’s sleep schedule, Nanit’s monitor features helpful data collection for areas like sleep duration, activity score, and more.

Nanit user Matt explains how all of the baby health tracking features eased the transition to new fatherhood: 

“Love the peace of mind from the breathing, temp, and sleep monitoring,” he says. “This has been an amazing comfort as a first-time dad.”

Finding the perfect new dad gift

From making it easier to care for their baby, to just showing a new dad that you’re thinking of them, thoughtful presents mean a lot. If the new dad in your life loves to geek out on the latest in tech, Nanit’s innovative products could be the right choice. And if you’ve got questions or don’t know where to start, Nanit’s team is always happy to assist. Because the new dad in your life deserves the perfect gift to match their personality—and their evolving needs.

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