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Nanit’s Special Thanks to Military Families This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, we at Nanit are showing our heartfelt appreciation for military families, who often face unique challenges when starting a family. We see your challenges and are truly appreciative of your service—we know that starting a family (and having a newborn!) is a challenging time, even without the added demands of deployments, transfers, and often a lack of a support system.

Nanit can make military life a bit easier by adding an extra set of eyes on the little ones you love most. Our smart baby monitor also allows service members who can’t be physically present to still see and interact with their growing baby through our device and app.

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The #1 Challenge

According to a study by Blue Star Families, 47%—nearly half—of all military families say that the main issue they face is time away from family. This means that deployed service members are often leaving behind spouses who are also juggling all the challenges of pregnancy and/or childcare responsibilities. This is exhausting for any family, but often military spouses must handle these responsibilities alone. If you know a military family that is pregnant or has a newborn (often in addition to other children), please reach out and offer your support. Small gestures can make a big difference in someone’s day!

A few easy ways to lend a hand:

  • Offer to watch their kids. Even a 30-minute visit can make a big difference for a parent to grab a shower or just have a moment of personal time to check email, relax, or eat a good meal.
  • Pick up groceries. For new parents, just leaving the house can often be a Herculean task. Offering to watch the kids for an evening or picking up essential groceries can make a big difference. Ask for a list, and don’t take no for an answer!
  • Send a friendly text or make a phone call to say you are thinking of them. Sometimes all they need is to know someone cares and is cheering for them, especially on difficult days.

How the Nanit Pro Camera and Ecosystem Can Help

The Nanit Pro Camera smart baby monitor provides parents peace of mind and the ability to check in on their baby even when they are away. The camera gives military families the ability to see, hear, and soothe their baby from anywhere, anytime. This offers another way busy parents can connect with their baby. It is also a great opportunity for deployed spouses to still be able to bond with their newborns while away, whether for a few days, weeks or even those long deployments of a few months. The camera offers clear HD video and audio so you can see and hear your baby from anywhere. Best of all, it auto-captures milestones as their baby grows and makes them easy to share with family.

The Pro Camera also supports parents by offering personalized sleep tracking and analysis so they can ensure their baby is getting enough sleep. Additionally, the camera helps families see trends and get custom advice from sleep experts on how to help baby improve their sleep. This level of support is especially important for military families who might not have family close by to help during those sometimes long days and sleepless nights.

Last but not least, the Nanit Breathing Band and Smart Sheets help monitor your baby’s breaths per minute (BPM) in almost any sleep position—without sensors, electronics, or radar. An exhausted parent can rest knowing that should the baby’s breathing change they will be alerted by their Nanit. Shop now to see how the Breathing Band and Smart Sheets work with the Pro Camera.

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A Final Note of Appreciation

Nanit is thankful for our service members and their families and is proud to offer a special discount code as a token of appreciation to our military families.

Please take a moment and share our tips to support military families on social media and with your communities. You could make a big difference for someone facing challenges and feeling lonely this time of year.

Thank you, military families, for your service! Happy holidays!

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-The Nanit and teams