Nanit Introduces Infant Formula Matching Initiative

Nanit Introduces Infant Formula Matching Initiative

The ongoing formula shortage is enough to keep a parent up at night. It’s impacting a staggering number of families, with an estimated 43% of US retailers out of stock. Companies like Nestle are flying in baby formula from other countries to help bridge the gap. Generous breastfeeding moms are pumping extra milk to donate to local families. At a time when community has never been more essential, we’re connecting our own Nanit community of parents to give back with the new Formula Matching Initiative.

Nanit Infant Formula Matching Initiative

Our mission has always been to use technology and connectivity to support all families at every stage of their parenting journeys. Our products and community help families remain connected and offer access to tools and resources to support their well-being.

To help families affected by the ongoing formula shortage, we launched the Infant Formula Matching Initiative to connect families with a formula surplus to families in need.

The Initiative is now live on the Nanit community. Within the first 48 hours after launching, we have received more than 4,000 submissions from our community members and have been able to match over 1,600 families with formula.

Join Nanit and Get Support from Our Community

We invite all parents to join the free Nanit Community. This public forum for parents, families, and caregivers offers a safe, supportive place to celebrate milestones and get advice from trusted experts. Members can connect with and privately message other parents without disclosing personal contact information.

If you have formula to spare, need formula for your little one, or want to learn more about the initiative, please visit our Nanit Formula Match Group in the community. We also invite you to share recommendations/resources for other parents who may be looking for formula. If you would like to be matched, refer to our quick guide here.

Parents, we know this is a hard time. We are in this together and hope that more families can benefit from this initiative. When parents come together, magic happens!

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