Introducing the Nanit Pro Parent Shop

Introducing the Nanit Pro Parent Shop

Featuring the 12 items every new parent needs

When it comes to ages and stages, Nanit’s game changing sleep solutions have you and your baby covered. It’s like we alway say, from infancy to independence, from crib to college. (Although you might want to keep tabs on them through grad school, just saying.) 

Nanit’s sleep-positive assortment of baby products, complete with our Insights plans and arsenal of data, allows you to anticipate and adapt for every age and stage, so whether your baby is one month or one year, you can get a glimpse of what’s around the corner and even prep for it.

But what about new parents? How on earth are you supposed to know what you need the second you get home from the hospital? Or once you’ve settled into your new routine? There are ages and stages of parenting, too, and thanks to our new Pro Parent Shop, we’ve got you covered there as well. 

In collaboration with some amazing like-minded brands, as well as our favorite authorities and experts in the parenting space and our own team of parents working behind the scenes at Nanit, we’re bringing you the essentials you need, exactly when you need them. The goal? To support you throughout your parenting journey beyond sleep health (but we’ve got that, too). 

So without further ado, here are the 12 essentials to take you through various parenting ages and stages of parenting from our new Pro Parent Shop, so you know what you need and when.  


What: HATCH Swell Relief Duo

Why We Love It: A true prenatal twofer, this stylish compression sock and Down Girl soothing cream duo will help you see your ankles again thanks to a special formula featuring naturally derived ginger and mint blend for instant relief. Sit back and soothe your tired, swollen muscles  - whether you're winding down after a hectic day or prepping for a night out (until 10 pm anyway).

The Real Scoop: “The best compression socks that are actually comfortable. The serum is soothing and doesn’t have a crazy overpowering scent like other brands.” 

  • Kayla Klein-Arce, Director of Social Media, mom to Lily with a baby boy on the way!

What: Hatch Belly Besties Bundle

Why We Love It: Whether for your BFF’s bridal shower or for your Sunday Selfcare session, these belly-centric faves add up to one chic box of treats, featuring four stretch mark-minimizing belly masks, a bottle of best-selling Belly Oil and a sheet of non-toxic (and ‘gram worthy) Belly Tattoos. 

The Real Scoop: “It’s a fun way to hydrate and perform a little bump love, and I actually found myself connecting more with my baby while doing it.”

  • Quynh Dang, Vice President of Brand Marketing, mom to Suki

What: HATCH Collection Head Peace

Why We Love It: We love an accessory, and even more so when it makes us feel good. Enter this compressing and cooling head wrap that gives fast headache relief. It’s designed with super soft jersey fabric so you can take care of yourself and look good doing it.

The Real Scoop: “I’m prone to headaches both pregnant and postpartum, and I started feeling better moments after putting it on.”

  • Melanie Bond, Director of Brand and Community, mom to Louie and Beau

What: Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Why We Love It: Not your average pregnancy guide…. Oster dives headfirst into the murky waters of pregnancy advice, debunking myths and challenging the status quo with hard-hitting data and razor-sharp analysis. From sushi cravings to caffeine fixes, Oster's refreshing take on pregnancy empowers women to make informed decisions based on evidence, not fear. 

The Real Scoop: “It’s a trustworthy collection of ideas that gets me thinking and keeps me from going crazy with the overabundance of ‘knowledge’ available online.”

  • Kayla Klein-Arce

Fourth Trimester (ages 0-3 months)

What: Swehl Latch Kit

Why We Love It: From milk collection cups to nipple shields and storage containers, this kit has everything you need on Day 1 of nursing and beyond, organized in one cute package full of sustainable materials in high impact design.

The Real Scoop: “It’s a super cute and thoughtful kit with everything you need to kick off breastfeeding.”

  • Caroline Tell, Nanit contributing editor, mom to Leo and Margot

What: Fair Play by Eve Rodsky: 

Why We Love It: Drawing on extensive research and interviews with couples from diverse backgrounds, Fair Play presents a compelling framework for reimagining domestic responsibilities. From the division of chores to the allocation of emotional labor, Rodsky provides actionable strategies for fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making. (Rodsky was also a keynote speaker at our Parent Like A Pro 2023 webinar!)

The Real Scoop: “Eve’s game changing plan is simple and straightforward and can work for any couple open to change. Everyone has a role and together we work as a team to carry the load.”

  • Caroline Somerstein

What: HATCH Nipple and Lip Balm

Why We Love It: Also known as your nursing secret weapon, this magic balm in a tube is specially crafted to tackle two of your toughest spots: those tender nipples and those baby-kissing lips. Made with all the good stuff – think shea butter and coconut oil – this balm soothes and hydrates like a dream.

The Real Scoop: “Your nips take a real beating as you and baby learn to navigate feedings. Mine were both pretty rough because they had tongue tie, and balm (plus heating pads!) was key to keeping me from giving up.”

  • Kristy Ojala, Digital Content Director, Mom to two champion eaters

What: Anya Postpartum Hair + Skin

Why We Love It:  This postnatal serum and butter pack a one-two punch of goodness. Developed for moms, Anya's breastfeeding safe scalp serum and dermatologist tested stretch mark repair cream is the routine every new mom needs. The Body Butter helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks while repairing and hydrating dry postpartum skin, while plant-based scalp serum uses a combination of clinically-tested plant actives and antioxidants that prime the scalp for hair regrowth after postpartum shedding. It’s also free of toxic chemicals, 100% vegan, safe while breastfeeding, and it’ll stimulate hair follicles to promote fuller, thicker hair. 

The Real Scoop: “I used both items religiously in the weeks and months following my delivery to keep my skin feeling hydrated and elastic, while the scalp serum kept my hair in place even during the postpartum hormonal roller coaster!” 

  • Quynh Dang

Crib On….

What: Etta Loves Sensory Hanging Squares 

Why We Love It: These scientifically sensory squares and their versatile nature makes them perfect to attach to the baby gym, car seat or pram. The patterns have been designed to support babies' cognitive and visual development.

The Real Scoop: “I'm always on the lookout for products that engage and stimulate my little one, and these squares do just that. The vibrant colors and captivating patterns grab my baby's attention, and keep her entertained.”

  • Caroline Somerstein, Senior Manager of PR & Partnerships, mom to Sadie

What: Pehr On The Go Set

Why We Love It: This delightful set is like a mini treasure chest, packed with everything you need to make outings with your baby a breeze. It addresses the needs of busy parents in mind - from the adorable diaper clutch to the cozy changing pad, each item is designed to add a touch of joy to your on-the-go routine.

The Real Scoop: “It's like having a sidekick wherever I go. The stylish diaper clutch keeps everything organized and easily accessible, while the soft changing pad provides a comfy spot for quick diaper changes on the fly.“

  • Melanie Bond

What: Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Why We Love It: Because you get to elevate your babywearing game with this luxuriously soft and stylish wrap crafted from breathable fabric. It also offers your baby a womb-like embrace (perfect for napping) while keeping your hands free. 

The Real Scoop: “With its soft, cozy fabric, it's like wearing a warm hug, both for me and my little one. I love how it keeps her close while allowing me to tackle my day.”

  • Meg Ozekici, Channel Marketing Manager, Mom to Mila and Sienna

What: Courant MAG:1 Essentials Charger

Why We Love It: This sleek, minimalist wireless charger boasts cutting-edge technology wrapped in designer-quality Belgian linen. With its fast-charging capabilities and elegant design, it's the perfect accessory for the modern mama on the go. 

The Real Scoop: “Ever since I had my baby, my phone is my new lifeline, and this cute piece keeps me together without the fuss of missing chargers.” 

  • Caroline Tell

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Natalie Barnett, PhD serves as VP of Clinical Research at Nanit. Natalie initiated sleep research collaborations at Nanit and in her current role, Natalie oversees collaborations with researchers at hospitals and universities around the world who use the Nanit camera to better understand pediatric sleep and leads the internal sleep and development research programs at Nanit. Natalie holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia. Natalie was an Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU School of Medicine prior to joining Nanit. Natalie is also the voice of Nanit's science-backed, personalized sleep tips delivered to users throughout their baby's first few years.

Kristy Ojala is Nanit’s Digital Content Director. She spends way too much time looking at maps and weather forecasts and pictures of Devon Rex cats and no-cook dinners. A former sleep champion, she strives to share trustworthy somnabulism tips with other parents—praying for that one fine day when no tiny humans wake her up while it’s still dark out. Her kids highly recommend 3 books, approximately 600 stuffies, Chopin’s “Nocturnes,” and the Nanit Sound + Light for bedtime success.

Mackenzie Sangster is on the Brand and Community team at Nanit. She supports content development and editing for Nanit’s Parent Confidently blog as well as other marketing initiatives. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking, being active, and using the Pro + Flex Duo to keep an eye on her fur-baby, Poppy!

Holly Hays is a contributor and writer for Nanit, channeling her years as a mama and former magazine editor to create fun, useful content for fellow busy, trying-to-do-their-best parents and caregivers. Holly has written for a wide range of brands and media outlets (Ergobaby, HGTV, Manhattan Toy Company, OXO), loves to cook and read mystery novels, and leans heavily on her two daughters to keep her up to date on all the latest slang.