Introducing Nanit’s New Wall Mount

Introducing Nanit’s New Wall Mount

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We have some exciting news in the Nanit family. A new addition, you might say, of our own. Introducing Nanit’s new wall mount!

Okay, okay, we know right now you’re probably thinking, “What in the world is a wall mount and why are these guys so excited about it?”

Well, as you might know, one of the best things about Nanit is its innovative, tip-proof floor stand. It allows the baby monitor to go behind the crib so you get the ultimate bird’s eye view of your little one.

You can still get the Nanit camera with its floor stand. But we’re now offering a wall mount option that lets you easily mount Nanit to the wall. Both options were designed to ensure your baby’s safety and provide that unparalleled view of the crib. But you might prefer one configuration over the other depending on your style preferences.

Whichever option you choose, we think you’re going to love Nanit’s stand and mount. Here are just a few reasons why…

Security first

In both its floor stand and wall mount modes, Nanit lives behind the crib so it never comes into contact with your baby. For example, a two-year-old in the 90 to 99th percentile of growth wouldn’t be able to reach Nanit, even if they stand with their arms outstretched. The innovative design of the floor stand and wall mount also keeps cords away and under wraps. It’s just one of the many little features we included to give you peace of mind while you’re away from the nursery.

The best view of baby. Ever.

Stress no more about where to place the monitor to get a good view. Simply install Nanit near the closest outlet, then set up Nanit’s floor stand or wall mount behind and above the crib. This ensures your camera is placed exactly where it needs to be to get the perfect view of baby, allowing you and our smart sleep analytics to see every important detail.

Farewell, confusing instructions

At Nanit, we’re all about improving sleep for the whole family. So the last thing we’d want is for you to lose sleep reading an instruction manual the size of a phone book circa 1993! That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure your installation is as simple as possible. There’s no need to reach for the tape measure thanks to our included mounting template. We even added a built-in level to the wall mount, because we care about every detail of your nursery just as much as you do.

Out of sight, out of mind

Nanit fits any nursery decor, whether the theme is “animal safari” or “please, no more pastels!” Both the floor stand and wall mount are sleek, modern and minimalist. In fact, were it not for the incredible insights Nanit delivers to your phone every day, you might even forget it’s there.

Travel made easy

Want to travel with your Nanit monitor? No worries. You can easily remove the Nanit camera from its floor stand or wall mount and take it on the go. Snap it into our portable Multi-Stand and you’ll be able to keep a close eye on baby at Grandma’s house and beyond!

Thinking about purchasing a Nanit baby monitor? You can choose either our floor stand or wall mount option at checkout. Happy shopping!