Guide 1: The Ultimate, Fun-Filled Day Trip

Guide 1: The Ultimate, Fun-Filled Day Trip

Ah, summer. So much to see and do. Here’s how to maximize your fun on a day out with your littles.

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The sun is bright, the sky is clear and all you want to do is explore the great wide world—whether it’s a trip to the park, a food festival, or that cool exhibit you read about. And there’s no reason you can’t, even with a kid crew as your trusty companions.

“We love to travel,” says Anushka Salinas, Nanit’s CEO, “and we haven't let having two kids stop us, although it is certainly chaotic traveling with kids. My advice is: 

Embrace the chaos. It's not going to be like it is when you travel by yourself or just with adults, so be prepared however you can.”

The art of the day trip is to plan enough to have the fun adventure you want, but not so much that the end of the day finds you feeling like you’ve been run over by an ice cream truck.

Choose a destination (or two) within relatively close proximity to your home. Somewhere you can get to without too long in the car/train/bus. You might plan one activity for the morning and another for the afternoon with enough time for lunch and/or a break (this could include a nap for wee ones) in between. An itinerary could look like: Museum, park picnic, concert. Or raspberry picking, swim (see below), food festival. But breaks are key. So are snacks. Also, when possible, buy tickets in advance and map out parking/transportation, so you can minimize unnecessary wait times.

Speaking of swimming, ResortPass is a fun consideration. This cool service lets you book a day pass at a resort or hotel. There are more than 1000 options to choose from and ResortPass lets you use the location’s pool, spa, and other amenities. It’s the perfect day-cation, all the four-star perks of a posh hotel (poolside, umbrella-topped cocktail, anyone?) without having to pay any overnight fees.

Whatever adventure you choose, here’s everything you need to survive a full day out and about (and help your little one sneak in a nap).

Expert Tips for a Day Trip with Kids: 

We asked Nanit Lab’s Maristella Lucchini, PhD, Nanit Senior Clinical Researcher, for the best ways to salvage naps during an action-packed day:

Plan nap times into your schedule

“When kids are very little, naps can be done on the go otherwise you’d always be stuck at home. And usually in those early months, it's easy for kids to fall asleep in the carrier or stroller. For older kids, who maybe nap for a couple of hours in the early afternoon, that’s something you can include in your itinerary. So say you’re at the beach in the morning. Come back, have a little quiet time after lunch, then do something else. You can also try to time car rides when your child has to sleep; that will save both your nap and your sanity.”

Bring along your child’s favorite sleep aids

It’s always helpful to have a couple of comforting items on hand in case your child has to nap in the stroller. Like, for example, when we’re traveling, I’ll always bring my son’s little blanket that he sleeps with so he has something to hold and be soothed by if he’s napping on the go. I also always have some white noise, like Nanit Sound + Light so that, if he has to sleep in his stroller, it provides a little bit of a space for him to relax.”

Don’t stress if you miss a nap

“Missed naps will happen, but just be aware that your child may be a little crankier, so that may not be the night to plan a late dinner. Instead, aim for an earlier bedtime and do your best to protect that time.” 

Packing List: 

Stock Your Diaper Bag

Caraa Baby Bag: This bag is the perfectly chic example of a place for everything and everything in its place. It has pockets for diapers, wipes, bottles, and more, is water resistant, and can be worn crossbody or as a backpack.

Coterie Diapers: Nothing slows down a day of fun faster than a diaper blowout. Keep the, er, situation well contained with these diapers that allow for easy movement and are sustainably made with plant-based materials.

Pipette Wipes: These wipes moisturize while they clean and are pH balanced to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Bonus: They work equally well to wipe off sticky, post-Popsicle hands.


Pipette Sunscreen: Grab a sunscreen that’s safe for your baby and you, too. These mineral sunscreens come in SPF 30 and 50 and are water resistant should you need to run through a sprinkler or three.

    Don’t Forget the Snacks

    Little Spoon: Adorable, Bento-box style snack packs, travel lunches, and organic squeeze pouches that will delight your little traveler with finger foods and healthy ingredients galore. (And yes, you can absolutely pack one for yourself).

    Cerebelly: On-the-go brain food…yes please. These organic puree pouches and snack bars are made with 16 different ingredients known to support brain functions and development.

      You’re Going to Need Some Gear

      Mockingbird Stroller Have miles to go before you sleep? This stroller will be just the thing. The thoughtful design provides, turns-on-a-dime, easy wheeling for you and comfortable cruising for your wee passenger. The sun canopy offers extra extension via a hidden pop-out visor in front. And in crowded shops and restaurants, fold up Mockingbird quickly and compactly—with only one hand!

      Artipoppe Baby Carrier: When it’s naptime, snuggle your baby into this comfortable, easily adjustable carrier and head into that air-conditioned museum. Made of all natural materials in a variety of colors and patterns, the carrier will also go beautifully with your new summer threads. 

      Solly Baby Wrap: More of a wrap parent? These have just the right amount of stretch and are as soft as a baby’s…you know. Plus, the breathable material will keep you both a just-right temperature on your adventures.


      Nanit Sound & Light: Another day trip must-have? Sleep. This audio monitor is easily portable and guarantees you white noise and stay-connected capability while you’re on the move.

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