How I'm registering differently for baby no. 2

How I'm registering differently for baby no. 2

Expecting a second baby and unsure about registering? Discover how Melanie, Nanit's Director of Brand + Community, approaches registering for baby number two.

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Preparing for a second child is an exciting and emotional process. You may feel more prepared to welcome a baby, but you’re also dealing with the roller coaster of feelings and transitions that come with going from one to two children (or three or four)! 

With your first, everyone seems to have very strong opinions about what you should (and shouldn’t) register for and as a rookie parent, you truly don’t know what you need until the baby comes. Luckily, the second time around you have a better sense of what you liked and got the most use out of, but you still recognize that every baby is different. There will definitely be some things that you’ll use the second time around that you didn’t the first! 

I’m the mother of a two-year-old with my second on the way, and I have spent a ton of time researching baby products for my registry. With my first pregnancy I felt very confident that I had almost everything covered—without going overboard. I wanted to make sure I was registering for items I’d actually use and would last a long time. 

For the most part, I used almost everything I registered for, especially:

  • Doona Stroller
  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer
  • Lovevery Play Mat
  • Stokke High Chair. 
  • Atripoppe Baby Carrier
  • And of course, multiple zippered onesies, swaddles + sleep sacks!

However, there were some things I didn’t think of buying that I will be as I prepare to welcome my second child. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned between registering for babies and hopefully, it will help you on your pregnancy and postpartum journey! 

Do you really need to register for a second baby?

Whether or not to register for a second baby is a personal decision, but my answer is yes, absolutely! It allows you to include the things you discovered you needed after the first child. I’ve also used my registry as a way to keep track of everything that I will need before the baby arrives!  

Registering for your second baby is so helpful and in my opinion, essential. Here’s why: 

  • You may prefer unique clothes for each child. Your baby could be a different gender than your first, the clothes from your older child may not be in good enough condition to be reused, or you may want something that fits each child based on their size. 
  • Sharing is… not always possible. If your kids are close in age, you may not be able to use all the baby clothes, toys, and supplies from your first child for your second. Not everything can be shared. You may need to consider a double stroller, another high chair, or even another crib, depending on the age gap of your kids.
  • You’ve learned a ton since your first. Your first child was a crash course in what you need and what you don’t. Now you know a whole lot more about which baby items are truly essential for your family.
  • Some items have reached their limit. You may need to replace baby items that are broken, expired, or can’t quite be rescued in the washing machine (no matter how many times you’ve tried). Note that some baby gear, like an infant car seat, has an expiration date as well.
  • You didn’t think about you last time. If you’re like me, my first registry was 100% baby, 0% me. After having my first child, I know that prioritizing my own wellness is just as important for the baby’s health—and that means investing in a few self-care tools to help.

Registry must-haves for second baby

Throughout the newborn stage and after (my daughter will be two in March, hard to believe!), I’ve taken stock of the items from my first registry and baby shower wishlist that were invaluable and remained in rotation. I’m also taking my own needs for my second baby into account and adding some new items to my current registry.

No gatekeeping here—this is my list of baby registry must-haves: 

1. Nanit Pro Camera

The Pro Camera is the most-awarded baby monitor and app on the market. With its bird’s-eye view camera connected to the app, you can see your baby from anywhere. 

It’s great for so many things: 

  • It alerts you with sound and motion detection 
  • It includes a Cry Detection and Baby Standing feature
  • It has sensor-free breathing and motion monitoring 
  • It captures developmental milestones
  • It includes sleep tracking and analytics

Plus, now I’ll be able to take advantage of the Split Screen feature so I can watch both of my babies from anywhere. This baby monitor is at the top of my registry as one of my second baby must-haves. It has everything I’d want in a baby monitor to give me peace of mind. 

2. Nanit Sound + Light

One of the most challenging things about the early years of parenting is getting enough sleep. The Nanit Sound + Light Machine combines a sound machine and a night light to help your baby fall asleep, stay asleep, and develop healthy sleeping patterns. And, the new Audio Monitoring feature allows you to stay connected to your baby. The more sleep the kids get, the more sleep you get!

This absolutely belongs on my registry for my second baby, as it takes the guesswork out of my child’s sleep routine. Plus, the Sound + Light Machine continues to add new features. I know with this product I am purchasing something that will continue to evolve with the most innovative features on the market.

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Our smart nursery must-have combines a sound machine with a night light to help children fall asleep, stay asleep longer, and build healthy sleep routines. Now you can link your Sound + Light to your Pro Camera insights to find the ideal sleep schedule for your family.*

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    3. Bobbie Formula + Philips Avent anti-colic bottles 

    These Phillips Avent bottles are very easy to use, and my favorite part about them is that there aren’t a ton of parts to clean. They also can be used for children of different ages, so you can continue to use them even as your family grows. 

    If you're thinking about formula feeding, I highly recommend Bobbie. It’s noteworthy for its organic ingredients, and they have a subscription service so you always have enough on hand. 

    4. Stroller extension kit

    My toddler sometimes refuses to sit in her Bugaboo Donkey stroller. With my second registry, I’m getting an extension kit, which includes an extra seat/bassinet and a rider board for those times my toddler decides they’d rather bunny-hop through the store. 

    5. Self-care products

    I mentioned earlier that during and after my second pregnancy, I’m working on prioritizing my own self-care. This is something I think every expectant mother deserves to prioritize on their registry. When we as parents are healthy, we can take better care of our children. 

    I know I will be having a C-section, so at the top of my list is this Bodily C-Section Kit. It includes everything I’ll need for birth recovery and postpartum care. 

    6. Hospital-to-home bundle

    This Hatch hospital-to-home bundle will make the transition to the fourth trimester a bit more comfortable. This bundle includes super-soft clothing plus nip and lip balm to superpower through the transition from the hospital to home with ease.

    Other tips and advice for new mothers

    When you’re new to caring for a baby, let’s face it: It’s impossible to know what you’ll truly need until the baby is in your arms. That’s why I’ve collected a few tips for new moms-to-be that might save on cost and registry space: 

    • Focus less on baby clothes. In my experience, the only clothing I truly needed in the first year was onesie pajamas. 
    • Use your own bag for a diaper bag. This one might not be for everyone, but I’ve found it easier to use my own bags to carry the baby stuff and use smaller pouches within my bag to keep things organized. You do you!
    • Invest in baby products with longevity. To me, the baby products that are really worth it are the ones you can use for years, not weeks. Think baby monitor, sound machine, stroller, and baby carrier. 

    Key takeaways:

    • Creating a second baby registry is worthwhile and essential
    • Any baby registry should cater to both the baby's and the mother’s well-being 
    • Prioritize registry products that you can use over the long term, like Nanit’s smart baby monitor and sound machine

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