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10 Heartwarming Gifts to Show Your Support or New Moms

For new parents, help from friends and family makes a world of difference in postpartum recovery.
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For new parents, help from friends and family makes a world of difference in postpartum recovery. In a Nanit Lab survey, 70 percent of new parents said support from loved ones helped relieve postpartum anxiety symptoms. 

From healing after giving birth to adjusting to the daily demands of parenthood, it’s no surprise that a new mom could benefit from some extra TLC. Their support network could offer gifts to support their recovery or boost their spirits; here are our tips on the best gifts for new moms, and how to choose a unique present to show just how much they’re appreciated. 

Why thoughtful gift-giving matters

Your friend or family member has just entered the exciting (and let’s be real—exhausting) world of new motherhood. It can be tempting to shower the new baby with cute clothes, adorable toys, and baby books. But when baby is getting so much attention, moms may not be. Gifts can show the new mom in your life that you’re thinking of their needs as they embark on their parenthood journey. Whether it’s something practical or something they can indulge in, thoughtful gifts can let moms know they’re loved and supported. 

Self-care gifts for new moms

No one deserves a spa day more than a new mom, but getting to the spa with a newborn at home is the furthest thing from reality. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give mom a moment of relaxation. Mini self-massagers can help work out some of the muscle tension from carrying a newborn and sitting for feedings. It’s something easy Mom can use during naptime or before bed. 

You can also add some comfort to their new life and treat Mom to some cozy (or seasonally appropriate) new clothes. While the baby is receiving new onesies by the dozen, remember that Mom might also love something nice to wear—and is unlikely to have time to shop for herself. You can find easy to wear pants and tops that they can recover and nurse in, and that won’t cause discomfort if Mom has a healing C-section scar. Or try a new robe, such as the Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe, that can mimic the feeling of being under the covers, even during late-night feedings. 

woman wearing casper snoozewear robe

Postpartum recovery gifts for new moms

Thoughtful gifts can also play a role in helping a new mom with postpartum healing. Give Mom some much needed comfort and relief with gift ideas such as the Mommy Matters NeoHeat. This perineal heater can provide some much needed soothing for a new parent healing from an episiotomy, and can be paired with the comfortable NeoBrief undergarment.  

mommy mattesr neoheat and neobrief

Gift for the moms-to-be

Mother's Day is not just for those who have already welcomed their little ones into the world - it's also a day to celebrate the moms-to-be who are eagerly awaiting their special arrival. If you're searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift for an expectant mom, look no further than the Belly Besties Bundle.

This bundle is thoughtfully curated with the needs of a future mom in mind, designed to nourish the skin and provide a spa-like pampering treat right at home. Perfect for a mom-to-be on her special day.

HATCH belly besties bundle

Parenting support gifts for new moms

Yes, the focus with gifts for a new mom is, well, the mom. But baby gifts that make parenting easier can also be a great present for any parent. Anything that can help Mom sleep more is likely to be particularly appreciated. 

The Nanit Pro Camera can offer Mom peace of mind, since it includes additional features for monitoring baby’s wellness. This can give a new mom much needed parenting confidence, which can make it easier for them to fall asleep once baby has drifted off. Parents who use Nanit report getting 36 extra nights of sleep a year—a priceless gift!

Nanit pro camera with wall mount and nanit app screens

For moms who appreciate practical and tech-savvy solutions, consider the Bedside Bundle from Nanit. It includes the Nanit Sound and Light, a smart nursery must-have that combines a sound machine with a night light to help children fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Perfect for creating a soothing and serene nursery environment. The bundle also comes with a magnetic, wireless, travel-friendly charger that supports Mom's on-the-go needs, ensuring her devices are always ready to capture those priceless moments.

bedside bundle with nanit and courant charger

You can also help Mom by getting a gift that takes care of the other tasks of running a household. Every extra bit of help counts. Gift them a meal subscription service so they don’t have to worry about planning dinner, or hire someone to clean the house so they can take a break. Services such as Yohana help with cooking, cleaning, and many other daily chores. They can even help with home repairs and schedule management.

Yohana app screen

Handmade gifts for new moms

Handmade gifts can be a great way to show a new parent you care. If you can sew or crochet, it’s common to make something for a new baby. Why not do something just for Mom instead? Knit some cozy socks, a scarf, or soft blanket in mom’s favorite color. 

If you’re not the crafty type, you can assemble a new mom gift basket with all of the best essentials. Fill it with creature comforts such as snacks or a soothing lotion. Or simply stock up on all of Mom’s favorite things—treats, bath bombs, and whatever else brings them a little moment of comfort and joy. If you want to get really creative, throw in something in reference to a fun inside joke to make them laugh, or make a coupon for an offer to babysit whenever Mom might need a break. 

ANYA body butter

Customized gifts for new moms

Show the new mom how much they mean to you with a one-of-a-kind gift. Custom gift ideas offer the chance to get something perfectly tailored to Mom’s interests. If they love to decorate, consider a printed and framed photo or art piece to commemorate this exciting new chapter of their life. 

Get a gift certificate to a photo printing service that will transfer Mom and baby’s most precious first moments to a professional canvas. You can even capture a snapshot of the stars from the moment their baby was born, or baby’s astrological birth chart if that’s more Mom’s style. 

Or if something wearable is more their taste, you can get custom-made jewelry. Add the baby's name, birthstone, or whatever suits Mom best to a bracelet or necklace. The most important part of a custom gift for Mom is that it shows how much you know and appreciate their unique personality and style.

You can also check out our pre-built bundles where you can bundle and save (along with free shipping)! This includes The Rescue Me Bundle, Mommy Matters Soothe + Heal Bundle, HATCH Collection Belly Besties Bundle, and Anya Postpartum Hair + Skin Bundle.

Where can you shop for thoughtful gifts for new moms?

Where you shop will depend on which category of gift you settle on. If you’re opting for comfy lounge clothes, there are plenty of mom-centric boutiques or maternity stores with stylish postpartum outfits. If you want to give mom some parenting support, Nanit has you covered from baby monitors to postpartum healing tools. And of course, you know Mom best, so if you want to splurge on their favorite stuff, hit up one of their favorite local businesses. 

Give a gift Mom will thank you for every day

New moms do so much, they deserve to be pampered like the heroes they are. Show how much they amaze you with a gift that supports their journey into parenthood. Consider the personality, style, and needs of the new mom you’re shopping for, and find a unique gift just for them. It can be something like a Nanit baby monitor to make parenting easier, or simply a little something that makes them smile. It’ll go a long way in showing the new mom in your life how much they matter.

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