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Nanit Products Offer Voice Control with Amazon Alexa

The wait is over—Nanit is now compatible with Amazon Alexa products. At Nanit, we are committed to providing parents with the best and most convenient options to help them in the parenting journey. We’re thrilled to be able to adapt and keep up with the newest technologies to offer parents a more seamless Nanit experience.

About four million babies are born in America each year, and the parents of these babies are often tired, confused and need a helping hand. In fact, a recent study, published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Sleep Research Society, found that even six years later, parents’ sleep still hadn’t fully recovered. Indeed, it can be difficult juggling the many demands of being a new parent. Taking care of a newborn is a challenge that keeps parents’ hands full – literally.

We know that parents don’t always have free hands to operate a smartphone app when there are diapers to be changed, bottles to be washed, or any of the other endless tasks that come with being a parent. That’s why we developed Nanit Show, a new feature for our products which enables easy voice control with Amazon Alexa. With over 100 million Amazon Alexa devices sold, offering Alexa integration for our products was a no-brainer.

How to enable Nanit with Amazon Alexa

Nanit Show is a new, free smart home Alexa skill that allows Nanit Pro Camera users to easily check in and see their baby from anywhere in their home. The Nanit Pro camera now works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot, allowing users to see Nanit’s HD video stream and audio from anywhere in their house by simply saying “Alexa, show me [baby]’s crib?” or “Alexa, show me [baby]?” Parents and caregivers can now leverage Amazon’s Alexa voice control capabilities to quickly see and hear their baby without stopping what they are doing or disrupting the baby’s sleeping environment.

You can find the free Nanit Show skill for Alexa on the Alexa Skills store on Amazon. Nanit users must enable the skill via Alexa for the voice recognition features to be added. In addition to using the new skill on the Echo Show and Echo Spot, Nanit customers can also monitor their baby via the Nanit app through other devices including their Android or Apple iOS smartphone, as well as via iPad.  

If you are a new parent looking for a powerful baby monitor with seamless Alexa voice integration, look no further than Nanit.

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