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Meet Nanit’s Stand

When we set out to create the world’s smartest baby monitor, we threw ourselves into research. That meant talking to parents one-on-one and examining how they used their current monitors. Right away we noticed a big problem. Parents struggled to find a safe spot for the monitor, one that kept cords out of the way, but still provided a clear, bar-free view of baby.

That’s why designed Nanit so it’s always in the right spot from the moment you set it up. Allow us to introduce Nanit’s problem-solving, life-changing, super-smart stand…

The perfect spot, every time

You won’t have to worry about mounting Nanit’s camera to the wall or scouting a location for it in the nursery. It attaches to a sleek stand that is designed to lean against the wall.

Tip-proof, baby-proof

Nanit’s stand legs are weighted for maximum stability they’ll never budge. Plus, its specially designed wall bumper adds vertical stability and prevents scuffed walls.

Everything in its place

The stand’s unique design ensures safe cable management no exposed wires, no safety hazards.

A stand above the rest

Nanit stands behind the crib. So it blends into the background of the nursery and never comes into contact with the crib or your baby. In fact, at 5.5 feet tall, a 2-year-old in the 90th percentile of growth wouldn’t be able to reach Nanit, even if they stand with their arms outstretched.

Unparalleled bird’s-eye view

From where Nanit stands, it provides an optimal, bird’s-eye perspective of your baby. So you’ll always get the best view of the crib.

Up and running in no time

We know you don’t need another textbook-like instruction manual. Nanit’s stand can be put together in 5 minutes or less…for real!

Got a question about Nanit’s smart stand? Ask away on Facebook or Twitter.

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Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.