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Better Sleep, Now Included.

When we started Nanit three years ago, it was our vision to make better sleep accessible for parents and babies everywhere. Today, we took a major step towards making it a reality. We’re proud to announce that beginning today, every Nanit Plus camera purchase will include one year of Nanit Insights sleep tracking and personalized sleep guidance.

We know that understanding your baby’s sleep challenges can be hard enough, and finding a solution to their unique sleep difficulties can be even tougher. Here at Nanit, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way babies sleep by empowering parents with the technology and tools they need to make informed parenting decisions. We recognize how vital sleep is to the entire family. That’s why we’re building a better way to improve your family’s sleep and give you peace of mind.

“Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise for the development of young children,” said, Dr. Natalie Barnett, pediatric sleep expert at Nanit. “Babies with a healthy sleep environment and sleep habits, sleep better and longer than babies with inconsistent sleep habits and it’s exciting to see how the use of Nanit’s technology is helping parents and their families get the sleep they need to thrive.”

What if you were able to know how well your baby slept last night, and even adjust nap times and feeding schedules accordingly? Better yet, what if this was all in the palm of your hand? You could wake up knowing how your day will play out before even getting out of bed. Enter Nanit Insights.

With Insights, everything you need to know about your baby’s days and nights is easily accessible right through the Nanit app. Find out exactly how many times you went into the nursery with the daily dashboard. Easily understand their nights with a full recap of their sleep in just 60 seconds. Using sleep trends, see how your baby’s sleep compares to healthy averages and watch it improve over time. Easily spot trends so you know when your baby is reaching a new milestone.

To show how real Nanit families benefit from using Nanit Insights, we analyzed 6,000 babies across the U.S., between 1-11 months old, over a six month time period. We compared our initial findings to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) Sleep in America Poll, showing that:

  • Nanit Insights babies are more independent sleepers and less likely to need help and attention at night. In fact, 29% of babies according to NSF need no parental help, while 34% of babies whose parents use Nanit Insights need no help at night.
  • On average, babies of parents who use Nanit Insights sleep 10% longer per night for babies 11 months & younger.
  • Babies of parents who use Nanit Insights go to bed earlier. On average, a Nanit baby’s bedtime is 7:50pm while the NSF average is 9:11pm.

With Insights, you’re given the information you need at the right time to make the right decisions for your baby. Nanit allows parents to take a proactive approach to monitoring and helps ensure that your baby is on track to achieve developmental milestones. 

One year of Nanit Insights is included with all Nanit Plus camera purchases made on or after March 1st, 2019.

Get your baby the sleep they need. Buy now.

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