Hello, we’re Nanit.

Our team is a tight-knit collection of scientists, parents and designers—experts in the first beautiful months of human life. We have developed advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to help us measure human behavior. We use this knowledge and technology to create innovative products that are safer and smarter, for parents and babies everywhere.

Our team comes from great companies like Applied Materials, Diapers.com, Philips, Time Warner and Tiny Love, where we've focused on building brands and products people love.

Our advisors.

We partner with leading computer vision experts, sleep researchers and clinicians, pediatricians, and human-centric design leaders, as well as the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute.

Dr. Haviva Veler

Weill Cornell
Director, Pediatric Sleep and Breathing Disorders Center

Professor Deborah Estrin

Cornell Tech
Founder and Head of Health Tech Hub

Jennifer Cross, MD

Weill Cornell
Program Director, Early Intervention Program

Cory Kercher, MD

Weill Cornell
Pediatric Medicine

Pat Meagher

Former SVP and CTO

Tamir Berliner

Magic Leap
General Manager, Israel

Professor Michael Lindenbaum

Head of Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Professor Serge Belongie

Cornell Tech
Computer Science Professor, Computer Vision Group

Professor Avi Sadeh

Tel Aviv University
Director of the Laboratory for Children's Sleep Disorders
In Memoriam

Rie Nørregaard

SY Partners
Managing Creative Director

Omer Kotzer

Ziba Designs
Former Creative Director

David Gozal, MD

University of Chicago
President of American Thoracic Society

John Osher

Serial Entrepreneur

Thomas Anders, M.D.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Former President




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