NEW Sound + Light Travel Case

Stylish + secure! Safely stow your 3-in-1 smart sound machine, night light, and audio monitor for healthy sleep wherever you go this summer. (Fits easily in your diaper bag, too)


Meet the full suite of smart monitoring

Pro Camera setup

The most-awarded, connected camera + app on the market

Best for:

  • Overhead bird’s eye view
  • Sleep tracking + analytics
  • Growth + milestone tracking
  • Smart alerts
Pro + Flex Duo

For families on the go—and the family home

Best for:

  • Ultimate flexibility + portability
  • Playdates and extra in-home monitoring
  • Multiple caregivers
  • FSA bestseller
Sound + Light Audio Monitor

First came light, then sound. Now the smartest audio monitor on the market

Best for:

  • Audio monitoring
  • Setting healthy routines
  • Temp + Humidity Tracking

The Nanit baby monitor... is like a $249 AI parent who stays up all night logging rollovers and breathing patterns, and doesn’t need coffee the next morning.

Don't just take our word for it

The ultimate view of wellness


Sleep Success Metrics

Our personalized overview of baby's sleep helps track patterns and improve parenting confidence

Backed by experience (and so, so much data)

Nanit babies sleep
10% longer

per night
Nanit parents get
36 more nights
of sleep per year
71% of Nanit parents
report feeling
less anxious

Access parenting data
on demand with Nanit Insights

Sleep Plan

Tracking + improving sleep

We’ve expanded our smart parenting system

Sound + Light


Nanit Wear




Smart products for
every stage



We offer the tools to build your confidence—and boost your sleep, too:

  • Pro Camera
  • Sound + Light
  • Breathing Wear
"Nanit is clearly committed to staying on the leading edge of monitor tech, always rolling out new features and improving existing ones. It has become a fixture in our household. I could not recommend it any more highly. 



A subscription isn’t required for Nanit users to access live view from anywhere, with real-time sound and motion notifications, background audio, Temperature + Humidity Tracking, two-way audio, white noise and nature sounds, and up to two users with adjustable permissions.

After the initial purchase of the Nanit Pro Camera device, your monthly cost depends on whether you opt into a Nanit Insights Membership—and which plan you’ve chosen. Even without a membership, Nanit users can access many features, including live view from anywhere, real-time sound and motion notifications, background audio, Temperature + Humidity Tracking, two-way audio, and more. With every Pro Camera purchase, you’ll get a complimentary 6-month Insights trial to have a pro parenting toolkit right from the start. 

Sleep Plan ($50 annually)
For tracking + improving sleep

The Sleep Plan is a sleep coach in your pocket, turning nightly data into daily decisions. This is your source of sleep truth, so you can skip the second guessing and set yourself up for sleep success

Memories Plan ($120 annually)
For video history + extra users

Get everything you love about Sleep Plan plus even more memory-making features. The Memories Plan is your autocaptured time capsule with 24/7 video history. Replay last night’s highlights to make today’s decisions

Milestones Plan ($300 annually)
For autocapturing big moments + in-depth data

Milestones is your ultimate parenting partner. Get a total view of baby’s wellness, including advanced sleep analytics and autocaptured development indicators such as rolling over, sitting, and more at each growth phase

*Select Insights features available only with Wall Mount or Floor Stand

Learn more about Insights here: Insights Membership

You can watch Nanit from virtually anywhere! Nanit can be used on Apple and Android products alike—including tablets—which means that keeping a close eye on your baby is always possible. 

The Nanit Pro Camera detects your baby’s sleep patterns with our special algorithm. We utilize computer vision, machine learning, and sleep science to understand a baby's movement in the crib. We’ve trained our algorithms to do what a wearable device simply can’t, like tell when a child is asleep or awake and when the parent approaches the crib. The algorithms learn and adapt over time, making our analytics stronger with each new user.  

Understanding your baby’s sleep patterns is key to helping parents build confidence and minimize anxiety. Made with a custom-designed pattern, we designed our Breathing Wear products for a comfortable night of sleep—free from any sensors, wires, or electronics. With each breath your baby takes, the Nanit Pro Camera tracks the rise and fall of the pattern on the Breathing Wear, using the movements to monitor your baby's breathing motion in real-time.

Yes! You can easily snap Nanit out of its overhead mount and then snap it into the Nanit Flex Stand, allowing you to bring Nanit to the next room or take it on the go. Remember that full sleep analytics are not available with the Flex Stand and that it offers a 130° view instead of a full overhead view. Nanit remembers up to 10 WiFi networks and reconnects in seconds once you’re back home. One thing to note, however, is that it will only connect to private and secure WiFi networks.

This device also features Audio Monitoring to help you stay connected to your baby, Cry Detection to alert you when your baby needs you most, and Temperature + Humidity Tracking to help monitor optimal sleep settings—at home or on the go.

Predictive Pairing: Link your Pro Camera to Sound + Light and create a smart sleep ecosystem customized to your child’s patterns*

*Feature available with Insights Membership

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