Our New Sleep Schedule Generator is a Game-Changer for Parents

Our New Sleep Schedule Generator is a Game-Changer for Parents

Enter your baby’s details and we’ll create a totally customized sleep and feeding schedule that will create routine and order…even in the chaos. 

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Sometimes guessing your baby's sleep habits is a bit like predicting a hurricane. You have no idea when it's coming, it can end up being manageable, but on the days you're not prepared, it’s total destruction. We get it. It’s hard to truly understand their sleep habits, especially when consistency is still a work in progress. Throw in a new developmental milestone, a random travel day or that fun brunch you dragged them to, and then it's anyone's guess as to what a baby’s ideal sleep and feeding schedule should be. 

Not anymore. 

At Nanit, our goal is to empower parents with the resources and predictive tools you need to take on the journey. That means not questioning every decision you make and second-guessing yourself constantly. It means leveraging our suite of technology-forward solutions that literally translates your baby’s sleep and wellness data into actionable insights you can rely on when you don’t know all the answers. (Newsflash: No one does.) Now, our new and improved Sleep Schedule Generator is creating that same sense of order in the chaos, so that you can parent like a pro with a totally customized sleep and feeding schedule that’s based on their age and other key developmental details.

“We want to help parents understand the importance of sleep health,” says Dr. Natalie Barnett, Nanit Lab’s pediatric sleep expert and VP of Clinical Research and the brains behind these schedules. “When a baby has a regular schedule during the day, it's easier for them to then have a regular night time routine.  When babies are on a schedule, they tend to sleep better—and parents can, too, which also means parents may be less likely to experience challenges like postpartum depression and anxiety.” 

With our Sleep Schedule Generator, all you have to do is simply enter some key details about your baby. We’ll ask you for information like their age, delivery and feeding details, current bedtime and nap schedule, whether they’re eating solids yet and some more questions that only take a few minutes to answer. Because babies are so nuanced and uniquely different from one another, it can all feel so cryptic. But all of this extra information is critical in helping us deliver an ideal schedule that’s totally customized to your baby, so that you can feel more in control as you start to understand and predict what makes them tick. Case in point: Emily Oster’s survey around dropping naps demonstrates how much variability there is to understanding infant sleep. Our tool isn’t just averaging data but giving you a personalized schedule designed to fit your baby and their specific needs.

“Some babies will start solid food early while other babies start a bit later, or transition down from three naps a day a little bit earlier than other babies,” says Dr. Natalie. “We wanted to provide a resource, where we could help families understand these transitions better. This will help remove any uncertainty they might have and make their lives a bit easier.”

To get a clinical take on our Sleep Schedule Generator, we reached out to one of our favorite experts, Dr. Olivia Reyes (aka thebabypt) a developmental physical therapist and social media influencer who educates families with easy-to-digest educational content. She says that sleep is the number one issue that comes up the most with her patients, particularly around those babies who are hitting - or missing - developmental milestones like rolling, crawling and walking. Because these milestones can shake parents’ confidence, much like sleep can, Dr. Reyes is excited to recommend our Sleep Schedule Generator to her patients.

“I often remind new parents of how every baby is different—and then every set of parents is different, too,” says Dr. Reyes. “This is why I love how the Sleep Schedule Generator is totally customized. It’s just one more way to help figure out what works best for you and your family.” 



Curious to seek how our Sleep Schedule Generator can benefit your family? Try out this game-changing tool today.

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Natalie Barnett, PhD serves as VP of Clinical Research at Nanit. Natalie initiated sleep research collaborations at Nanit and in her current role, Natalie oversees collaborations with researchers at hospitals and universities around the world who use the Nanit camera to better understand pediatric sleep and leads the internal sleep and development research programs at Nanit. Natalie holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia. Natalie was an Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU School of Medicine prior to joining Nanit. Natalie is also the voice of Nanit's science-backed, personalized sleep tips delivered to users throughout their baby's first few years.

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