10 Creative Date Night Ideas With a Baby

10 Creative Date Night Ideas With a Baby

Explore date night ideas for new parents with creative options and find sleep solutions for a stress-free and connected date night.

That giddy, relaxed, oh-so-connected feeling you get after spending quality time with a partner? Turns out, it’s science: Studies show that spending just two hours a week on “dates” with your partner is a significant contributor to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship.

That said, date nights as a parent (especially a new parent) can add feelings of guilt and apprehension to the mix—and that’s completely normal! 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep the spark alive, even with a baby in tow. We have date night ideas for the adventurous parent, the homebodies, and the just plain exhausted.

Finding “us time” can be difficult, and that’s okay

If you’re feeling guilty about leaving your baby behind for date night, you’re not alone. In fact, this parenting-related guilt is so common it’s earned itself a name: “mom guilt” (although it can certainly get the best of dads and gender-neutral parents just as easily). One survey found that 94% of parents report feeling it.

Adjusting to your new family structure and navigating your relationship after having a baby can be challenging, and the stress relief awarded by date night can be game-changing in those first months and years. Studies indicated that interparental relationships and teamwork in a relationship can impact children’s sense of emotional security and that the mental health of children is related to that of their parents. So, by taking time for yourself and your partner, you’re actually doing something for your baby. How’s that as an antidote for your guilt?

So, anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your partner, don’t be afraid to shoot your babysitter a text, set up an at-home naptime date, or even bring the baby along on a fun outing. You all deserve it! Now here are some date ideas to get you started:

1. Chef it up.

If it’s hard to get away for a dinner out, make a meal together while your little one is asleep. Whether it’s a new recipe, an old favorite, or a virtual cooking class, there’s something intimate and special about cooking together. No energy to cook? No shame in the delicious cheat sheet of take out and a bottle of wine.

2. Book a staycation.

Snuggling up in hotel robes, ordering room service, and watching a movie from bed? Yes please! And the beauty of booking a night at a local hotel is that, while you’re enjoying your adults-only night off, you'll sleep easy knowing your bundle of joy is just a quick drive away.

3. Hit the couch.

Nope, not joking. All it takes is a bit of intention to elevate your cozy night on the couch into a fun date night. You can rent a special movie, try a virtual escape room, play video games, or even double date with a Zoom cocktail hour. The best part about this option? With the Nanit app, you can check on your baby in the next room without the need to leave your cushiony haven.

4. Exercise.

If you and your partner love to stay physically fit, becoming parents may be keeping you from the regular workouts you once loved. So make a date of it! Book a babysitter so you can go out for a run or get in a tennis game. Take advantage of gym features like the sauna and steam room (even if it means grabbing a day pass at a fancier gym). Bonus: Many gyms offer babysitting or daycare services!

5. Tour your town.

It’s entirely possible to have the date night adventure of your dreams without leaving your town or city. Try out a couple of local bars, hit the mini golf course, grab ice cream, or go shopping together. And whenever you want, you can check on your baby with Nanit.

6. Ante up.

There’s nothing like the competitive spirit of Game Night to boost your mood and energy. Whether it’s Monopoly, Poker, or your Nintendo Switch, give your old favorites some love. Want out of the house? Spend Date Night at a local arcade or Barcade.

7. Catch a movie in the theater.

It’s a classic date night for a reason. Holding hands with a bucket of popcorn between you never gets old. You’ll be guaranteed an interruption-free flick, and your local cinema may have even installed modern upgrades like reclining chairs or food service.

8. Book a massage.

How about a couples’ massage as a way to spend quality time together while alleviating some of that new-parent stress? Or make a Spa Day of it with mani-pedis, facials, body scrubs, or whatever makes you feel totally at ease. 

9. Reenact a first date.

It doesn’t get much more romantic than recreating some of your early dates. If you live near the roots of your romance, take a couple’s tour of some of your old haunts. The trip down memory lane can strengthen your bond and help you reconnect to your romantic roots. Plus, checking on your little one with Nanit brings the fun full-circle.

10. Get outside.

Sometimes the best way to get out of the house is to actually step outside. Whether it’s a hike, a bike ride, or walking your dog around the neighborhood, getting some fresh air together is the perfect way to connect and work in a little exercise.

Keeping Date Night alive with Nanit

Fighting parent guilt on date night can be tough, but with the right tools in place, you can check in on your little one from afar (or nearby) and enjoy quality time with your partner. 

Nanit’s smart baby monitor lets you check in directly from an app on your phone from anywhere, and even provides sleep stats for you to catch up in the morning. With Nanit Sound + Light Machines, you can develop a bedtime routine that helps your baby fall and stay asleep consistently, so handing things off to a babysitter is no sweat.

Whether it's a romantic date night or a family date night, with Nanit, you’ll never miss a moment with your baby or your partner. 

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      Key takeaways

      • Reframe Partner Connection Time. Planning date nights with a new baby can be difficult, but connecting with your partner while you parent together ultimately benefits you and your baby. 
      • Parent Guilt is Completely Normal. You’re not alone in hesitating to take time for yourself. Almost all parents have experienced guilt being away from their child at one time or another. Happily, Nanit can help you feel connected to your baby even while you’re away, a wonderful way to alleviate those nervous misgivings.
      • Date Night At Home. If escaping for a date is too difficult, an at-home date night with your baby can be just as rewarding. Or plan an activity close to home to make you feel more comfortable. 


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