What makes my baby sweat at night?

What makes my baby sweat at night?

Learn why your baby might be sweating at night and how to create the ideal sleep environment. Discover practical tips to help your little one sleep comfortably.

When it’s time for your baby to go to bed, you may be so focused on making sure they have a  quiet, cozy space to sleep that you overlook two important factors: temperature and humidity. If your baby sweats while they sleep, it could be an indication that they’re napping in an overheated room, wearing a restrictive/non breathable fabric, or experiencing  a medical issue.

Learn more about these common reasons that make babies sweat while they sleep so both you and your little one can stay well-rested.

What to watch out for

If you’re noticing your baby sweating a lot, chances are, environmental factors are causing your baby to overheat. To tell if your baby is too hot, start by feeling their neck or back—they should feel warm but not sweaty. If they are sweaty, some of the causes may include: 

  • Inappropriate sleep wear. Dress your baby in breathable fabrics appropriate for the season.
  • Over-humidified air. A humidifier can be helpful if the air is dry in your home. But too much humidity creates an unnaturally moist environment, which can make your baby sweat. Also, aim to keep your baby’s room between 65 and 70 degrees.
  • Thick bedding. Heavy blankets can trap moisture and cause your baby to sweat more. 

If none of the environmental factors are a problem and your baby is still sweating,  environmental factor), there may be health or other issues at work. Reach out to your child’s doctor if you are concerned.    

How to create the ideal sleep environment

When it comes to ensuring the proper temperature for your baby’s nursery, Goldilocks said it best: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Ideally, a nursery should be kept at around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity between 40 and 55 percent. The Nanit Sound + Light Machine is an excellent tool that can help monitor these optimal sleep settings and more. 

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    A comfortable nursery temperature will help your baby sleep better. And you’ll get more  much-needed rest as well! 

    Tips to try if your baby sweats when sleeping

    You know what to watch out for and how to tell if your baby’s too hot. These ideas can help solve your baby’s too-hot problem before it even starts. 

    Sleeping tips for summer

    If you have trouble sleeping in sweltering heat, so will your baby—and unlike adults, babies aren’t as good at regulating their body temperature. 

    Here’s how to keep your child cool and comfortable:

    • Moisture-wicking fitted sheets
    • Lightweight pajamas
    • Air circulation (such as fans, open windows)
    • Cold compress before bed

    Be aware that your baby may be more likely to get hotter at night during the summer, but they can overheat in the winter, too.  

    Sleeping tips for winter 

    By trying to make sure your baby stays warm in the colder months, you may actually be creating an environment in which they overheat. When you’re using multiple layers or a baby sleep bag, make sure to choose the right TOG as well as breathable sleep wear that isn’t too tight or restrictive. 

    Another common mistake is to put a hat on your baby overnight. While there’s little that’s cuter than a baby in a hat, hats prevent heat from being released from the head, which is an important part of temperature regulation for babies as they sleep.

    Nanit Sleep Wear for comfortable sleep

    High-quality sleep wear is a key ingredient in keeping your baby comfortable during the night. And Nanit’s Sleep Wear is designed specifically for comfort and safety, with cute and colorful patterns. 

    Our pajamas are made from super soft, 100% organic cotton—a breathable yet snug fabric your baby will love. And we have PJs for any season, from short-sleeved bodysuits to full-body swaddles

    Plus, our Breathing Wear pajamas offer extra insight into your little one’s sleep patterns. Together with the Nanit Pro Camera’s vision technology, our Breathing Wear monitors your baby’s breathing motions and sends real-time alerts to your phone for even more enhanced peace of mind.

    Key takeaways

    • Seasonally appropriate pajamas and a nursery at a just-right temperature are essential to minimize night sweating. But if you suspect something more is going on, speak with your child’s doctor about other possible causes. 
    • Our proprietary Breathing Wear vision technology tracks temperature, humidity, and your baby’s breathing motions so that you can ensure a healthy sleep environment.
    • Soft and breathable sleepwear is one of the best ways to regulate your baby’s body temperature. Browse Nanit to find the perfect fit.

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