Our top 8 innovations of 2023

Our top 8 innovations of 2023


At Nanit, we always go all in on science-backed, parent-approved smart tech. In 2023, we unveiled a lineup of groundbreaking advancements across the Pro Camera, Sound + Light, and Nanit Lab, redefining what's possible in parenting technology. 

These top eight innovations represent not just our technical enhancement, but our commitment to providing parents with tools to support their wellness—and their peace of mind.

Innovation 1: Dashboard Enhancements

Nanit Dashboard Enhancements 2023

Our AI-powered, award-winning camera works
with Insights to deliver an overall view of baby’s wellness, with the sleep-tracking data you love, plus new features:

Learn more about the Nanit App Dashboard and Advanced Analytics

Innovation 2: Updated Floor Stand

Nanit Updated Floor Stand 2024

We’ve refreshed our Floor Stand to help it fit every space and stage, so it can better grow with your family:

  • 2 adjustable height settings to position Pro Camera over every sleep space (bassinets to toddler beds)
  • Added stability with minimal footprint
  • ASTM-certified cord cover provides extra safety
  • Quick + easy assembly

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Innovation 3: Pro Camera connects you–anywhere

Connect Anywhere with Nanit

Stay in touch! Our #1 bestselling smart monitor gives you more ways to stay connected to your baby, wherever you are:

*Available with Insights Plan

Innovation 4: Freeze moments with Pro Camera + Milestones

Nanit Milestones

Use our crystal-clear HD monitor, powered by Insights Milestones, to capture the unexpected—every day:

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Innovation 5: Local Wifi-Only Access

Nanit Local Wifi-Only Access

One of our #1 requests, answered!
Nanit parents needed to easily manage who can connect to their monitor—whether that’s Grandma or a nanny watching baby! 

It’s simple to:

  • Manage your parenting team from one place
  • Enable feature for a caregiver to end their viewing session when they are no longer connected to your camera wifi
  • No more toggling on/off (or forgetting to do so after the sitter leaves)!

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Innovation 6: Nanit Lab studies

2023 Nanit Lab Studies

Our cutting-edge think tank develops best-in-class research to transform the health and wellness of families, with science-backed solutions. Our favorite studies this year:

Learn more about Nanit Lab

See recent studies

Innovation 7: Sound
+ Light

Nanit Sound + Light Audio Monitoring

Our newest baby is now the smartest audio monitor on the market, with multiple features to soothe and build healthy sleep:

  • NEW! As an audio monitor
  • NEW! Temp + Humidity Tracking
  • Cry Detection
  • Soundtrack library with soothing white noise and nature sounds, lullabies, and wake-up songs
  • Customizable light color and brightness to set the right scene for wind-down and wake-up routines
  • Multiple controls in-app
  • Easy to use at home or on the go

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Innovation 8: Cry Detection

Nanit Cry Detection

Both our Pro Camera and Sound + Light can notify you when baby really needs you:

  • Algorithm detects + differentiates crying from other sounds
  • Notifies you when baby needs you
  • Works best with Pro Camera over the crib w/Wall Mount or Floor Stand
  • Also works with Pro Camera + Flex Stand and Sound + Light for on-the-go monitoring

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What to look for in 2024

We have so many incredibly helpful features and events for 2024 that we can’t wait to share. Join the Nanit Community and follow the Nanit News forum to be first to know!


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Natalie Barnett, PhD serves as VP of Clinical Research at Nanit. Natalie initiated sleep research collaborations at Nanit and in her current role, Natalie oversees collaborations with researchers at hospitals and universities around the world who use the Nanit camera to better understand pediatric sleep and leads the internal sleep and development research programs at Nanit. Natalie holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia. Natalie was an Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU School of Medicine prior to joining Nanit. Natalie is also the voice of Nanit's science-backed, personalized sleep tips delivered to users throughout their baby's first few years.

Kristy Ojala is Nanit’s Digital Content Director. She spends way too much time looking at maps and weather forecasts and pictures of Devon Rex cats and no-cook dinners. A former sleep champion, she strives to share trustworthy somnabulism tips with other parents—praying for that one fine day when no tiny humans wake her up while it’s still dark out. Her kids highly recommend 3 books, approximately 600 stuffies, Chopin’s “Nocturnes,” and the Nanit Sound + Light for bedtime success.

Mackenzie Sangster is on the Brand and Community team at Nanit. She supports content development and editing for Nanit’s Parent Confidently blog as well as other marketing initiatives. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking, being active, and using the Pro + Flex Duo to keep an eye on her fur-baby, Poppy!

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