Can twins sleep in the same crib?

Can twins sleep in the same crib?

Learn about the benefits of separate sleep spaces for twins and discover how monitoring your twins individually can create a safe sleep environment today.

When you’re ready to put your littles to bed, maintaining a safe and comfortable sleep environment is crucial. A good night’s sleep is important for babies and parents, and the right setup can keep your little ones secure so you have the peace of mind you need to unwind. 

While a single crib is likely the right sleep space for one baby, can twins share a crib? Most medical professionals recommend against it.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of separate sleep spaces for twins and review strategies for keeping your little ones safe while they snooze. 

The benefits of separate sleep spaces for twins

You’ve brought home your two new bundles of joy. Now you’re wondering if it’s safe for them to sleep in the same crib. While it may seem more convenient for your two littles to share a crib, there are actually a variety of benefits to creating two separate sleep spaces for your twins. 

Here are some of the advantages of individual cribs for your babies:

  • Creates a safe sleep environment. Even though some parents are in favor of newborn twins co-sleeping (aka sharing a crib) the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies steer clear of co-bedding as they get older and that each twin sleeps on their own flat, firm surface, since this may reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Individual cribs also prevents your little ones from rolling over and sleeping facing each other, an unsafe sleeping position for babies. 
  • Lowers the risk of waking each other. By keeping your babies in separate sleeping areas (even if they’re still in the same room), they’re less likely to wake each other up and can establish more regular sleep patterns. As babies grow out of the newborn stage, they may begin to roll and wiggle, which can disturb their twin when sharing a crib.
  • Nurtures individualized sleep routines. Yes, they once shared a womb, but now your babies may have different needs when it comes to getting adequate rest. By setting up separate sleep spaces, you can give both babies the calm, care, and attention they need to begin developing positive sleep habits. 

Some parents may be in favor of allowing twins to share a crib, but there isn’t enough research to prove that it’s safe. When considering what to expect with twins or how to prepare for twins, focus on creating two separate sleep spaces to ensure safety and comfort for each baby. 

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    Key takeaways

    • It’s best for twins to sleep separately. There are a variety of benefits to twins sleeping in separate cribs, including establishing a safe sleep environment for both babies and lowering the risk that they wake each other, helping them to create more regular sleep patterns.
    • Monitor separate sleepers with help from Nanit. With the help of Nanit’s Pro Camera Multi-Pack, you can keep a watchful eye on both of your babies and receive alerts about their breathing motions in real time. 
    • Gain extra peace of mind with Sleep Wear. Pair the Pro Camera Multi-Pack with Sleep Wear from Nanit to detect the breathing motion of each sleeping twin and receive alerts directly on your phone. 


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