Baby safe.

Nanit was designed to live next to your newborn. From the stable camera stand and wall mount to our infrared light, every hardware detail has been crafted with safety in mind. And Nanit’s data  is secured—end-to-end—with the highest level of encryption standards.


Parenting team approved.

Privacy? Security? You got it. The babysitter needs more access this weekend, grandma—maybe less. Dial permissions up or down.

Enterprise-level security.

All data and communications are encrypted and unidentifiable, using AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption.

For your eyes only.

Other cameras have IP addresses that can be hacked. Nanit doesn’t. Our software pushes an encrypted video stream directly to our servers and your authenticated device.


Safe cable management.

Nanit’s 5-foot cord channel keeps cords under wraps and out of reach.

The perfect height

Nanit is specifically designed so that a child in the 90th percentile of growth can't reach the camera.

Shatter-resistant lens.

Our camera lens is safely housed in a secure mount to prevent shattering.