Update on known audio issue

Update on known audio issue

A few weeks ago, Nanit was made aware of an audio issue affecting a small number of customers (.03%) that occasionally played a distorted and unfamiliar sound through our camera. We escalated this issue immediately to the highest levels of the company given how important our customers’ trust is to Nanit.

Since that time, we have been laser-focused on resolving this issue so that our Nanit customers can continue to have peace of mind with our product. Based on our extensive in-house and third-party reviews of all available data, we believed the source of this audio issue was a technical bug that distorted an audio snippet and replayed it back typically with a delay and at a different pitch. The resulting glitch can mimic a human voice, which was understandably alarming for parents and caregivers.

Out of an abundance of care and in response to customer inquiries, we quickly engaged two third-party cyber security firms to review the data and ensure that our customers’ accounts were not compromised. As of this week, we have confirmation from the first firm that no vulnerability was detected on our customers’ devices and there was no evidence of a security breach from an external source.

So what were these customers experiencing? In parallel to the cyber security reviews, we conducted extensive testing with audio experts to determine the cause of this issue so that we can pinpoint a solution. We have specifically designed our cameras with high-quality sound detection, but in some cases the camera may pick up unintended, surrounding sound. Through our testing, we identified a bug connected to the Acoustic Echo Cancellation feature, which is enabled to reduce background noise and feedback and under some conditions may create distortions. We are now working with our audio processing manufacturer to make a firmware change that will mitigate the issue going forward. We expect to deliver a software update to our customers in the next several weeks.

Trust, safety, and confidence in Nanit’s device technology is paramount to the company. If you are a Nanit customer and believe you are still experiencing this issue, please reach out to us immediately at help@nanit.com, we’re here to help.