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pregnancy reveal ideas. pregnant parent
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35 cool pregnancy reveal ideas

You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant — and the urge to tell your partner, family, and friends right away is all too real! Your pregnancy is huge news, so why not go big with a pregnancy reveal yo...
best baby registry items. family opening presents
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25 best baby registry must-haves

Getting ready for your little one to make their entrance? There’s so much to do — and so much to plan. Creating a baby registry takes one giant task off your shoulders by organizing all the items y...
nursery decor ideas mom and baby with crib and Nanit
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20 nursery decor ideas that are unique and adorable

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning for your little one’s arrival is decorating their nursery. This serene sanctuary is centered on all things baby, from where they sleep to where they gigg...
hospital bag checklist for dad with new baby
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Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad: 18 Must-Have Items

Baby’s due date is nearing, and as excited as parents are to meet their little one, there’s still plenty of work to do. And among the long checklist that includes setting up the nursery and satisfy...
Parents with baby. pregnancy care package ideas
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Pregnancy care package ideas: The best gifts for each trimester

You just heard the news – your loved one is expecting a baby! As excited as you are to pick out adorable outfits and become the newborn’s best friend, there’s still quite some time before the baby ...
parent and child laughing, gift for new parent
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25 Most-Wanted Gifts for New Parents

The key to finding a great gift for an expecting or new parent is to search for something practical, thoughtful, and most of all, useful. Which items will help make their lives a little easier? Wit...
When to Start a Baby Registry: A Registry Guide for Parents-to-Be

When to Start a Baby Registry: A Registry Guide for Parents-to-Be

If you’re like most first-time parents, the thought of creating a baby registry is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a new market, which you may not know anything about...
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Holiday Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Parents

Looking for the perfect (and practical!) gift for a new or expecting parent in your life? Our latest Holiday Gift Guide has you covered. From the foodies to the dog lovers, you’re sure to find some...
The Ultimate Gift For The Tech-Savvy Dad-to-Be

The Ultimate Gift For The Tech-Savvy Dad-to-Be

At Fathercraft, my partner John and I get the opportunity to try out lots of baby monitors in support of our baby monitor reviews. After all the monitors we’ve tested (and just used personally — we...