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Why Nanit Is the Best Baby Monitor for New Dads

The days of Mom being the one to get up in the middle of the night with baby while Dad sleeps soundly are over. Today’s dads are involved and engaged, and even if they’re not breastfeeding, they’re up at 2 am for moral support (and to help clean those inevitable spit-ups). Let’s reward Dad with what he really needs this Father’s Day: the gift of sleep!

No, we don’t mean going back to having Mom do all the work for those 2 am feedings. We mean better sleep for Baby, which means better sleep for Mom and Dad. Give Nanit to the special new dad in your life, and everyone will get a good (or at least better) night’s rest because Nanit babies sleep 10% longer each night—which adds up to two more glorious weeks of sleep each year!

Here’s why Nanit makes an amazing Father’s Day Gift:

It’s a high-tech monitor for tech-savvy dads

Forget fuzzy audio and grainy video! If you’re shopping for a dad who prizes his home theater set-up, he’ll love the crystal-clear 1080p image quality and sound that comes with a Nanit baby monitor. And there’s no clunky parent unit to carry around or set on your nightstand, either. The video feed goes straight to your smartphone via the Nanit app, which means you don’t have to be within range of the camera in the nursery to see the feed. Two-way audio means that even when Dad’s on a business trip, he can say good-night to Baby, and Nanit is compatible with Alexa, too.

Nanit goes beyond a simple audio and video feed, though. One of the features parents love is its Breathing Motion Monitoring. If you’ve ever stuck your finger under a newborn’s nose to make sure he’s breathing (come on, you know you’ve done it!), Breathing Motion Monitoring is a game-changer. You can have the peace of mind you need without waking up Baby because Nanit’s unique Breathing Wear allows the camera to track the up-and-down motion of Baby’s chest as she breathes. And there are no wires or electronic devices that you need to attach to the baby for it to work!

Oh, and did we mention that Nanit still works even when the internet is down? Yep, Nanit thought of everything.

It’s got all the data—and a lot more

If Dad’s a data guy, he’s going to appreciate the Nanit smart monitor. Nanit doesn’t just collect stats; it helps parents take action on the data to improve Baby’s sleep.

Nanit tracks important data points like how long it takes Baby to fall asleep, the duration of their sleep, and more. With an Insights subscription, we’ll crunch the numbers and send Mom and Dad evidence-based sleep advice from infant sleep experts. Put it into practice now, and Mom, Dad, and Baby will get some extra Zs every night. 

Dad will also love that Nanit tracks Baby’s growth, measurements, movements, and milestones, so even when he’s not at home, he can get that perfect Nanit bird’s eye view of the first time Baby rolls over or sits up in the crib. A subscription to Insights gives parents access to data collected using Smart Sheets, with additional tips on milestones, growth, and development.

It’s got the advantages of a wi-fi monitor, with the security Dad needs

Gender roles are so last century, but dads are always serious about protecting their families, and when it comes to baby monitors, they have some concerns. Can wi-fi monitors be hacked? Can some creep use our monitor to talk to our baby? Could someone use the baby monitor to get into our wi-fi network and steal our credit card information and passwords?

Dad will be glad to know that Nanit has all the advantages of wi-fi monitors, with advanced privacy features to protect sensitive personal information. Parenting teams can be set up with different permissions, the video and audio feeds use 256-Bit AES encryption, and two-factor authentication can be set up for an extra layer of security.

Nanit takes security and privacy seriously, which is why there has never been a data breach or instance of hacking involving Nanit smart monitors.

Give the Gift Of Nanit This Father’s Day

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