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What’s Your Sleep Resolution for 2017?

There are some New Year’s resolutions that are just begging to be broken. Like giving up chocolate. Or coffee. Or sweatpants on the weekends. Not only are they hard to keep, but they’re easy to talk yourself out of (who on earth wants to wear uncomfortable pants while they watch Netflix?!).

Sleep, though, is a different story. A small change in your sleep habits can actually be easy to implement, and there’s no arguing with the benefits of better zzz’s. Even an extra hour can make a world of a difference. Not just for you, but for the whole family.

So, with 2017 around the corner, the Nanit staff took a few moments to reflect on our sleep habits and what we can do better.

Here are our sleep resolutions for the New Year:

Andrew Berman, COO

“Not using my cell phone after 11 p.m.! That way I have at least 30 minutes of meditation or quiet time before sleep.”

Tor Ivry, CTO

“Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep after a busy day at work – too many thoughts running through my head. I find it useful to have an hour of doing nothing related to work before I go to sleep, like reading. So, for the next year, I’m going to try my best to have at least one hour of ‘disconnection’ every night before I go to sleep.”

Anthony Mangia, Marketing

“I’m going to try to avoid the blue light given off by my electronic devices before bed since it’s not ideal for sleep. I know myself and how addicted to technology I am, so I can’t honestly resolve to stop looking at screens altogether. But there are small things I can do. I’ve activated Night Shift on my iPhone. And I use a program called f.lux on my desktop and laptops so that my devices switch to warmer colors late at night.”

Assaf Glazer, CEO

“Before I go to sleep, sometimes I’ll go to my kids’ room and watch them for a bit while they sleep. It just makes me smile. My resolution for 2017 is to take more time to enjoy the wonder of their sleep. And, luckily, when I’m not at home, I can always check on them with Nanit!”

Vye Moran, Social Media

“My sleep resolution is to start reading in bed more, instead of watching TV, because it helps me wind down, relax and calm my thoughts. It makes bedtime feel more like ‘me-time’!”

Chase Scheinbaum, Nanit Blog

“I’d love to have 30 minutes of ‘no screens’ time before falling asleep. That could include talking to my girlfriend, just processing the day quietly before I fall asleep or otherwise killing the blue light, the distractions and the thoughts about things other than the most intimate to myself.”

Lisa Kennedy, CMO & CRO

“Thankfully, I haven’t had too many sleep issues since my daughter kept me up every night for the first 16 months of her life! She’s a teenager now, and a champion sleeper. But her homework occasionally requires that she burn the midnight oil. So in 2017, I think I’ll be staying up more with her. I certainly won’t do her homework, but the support I provide by reading my own book nearby while she works may be immeasurable.”

Diana Aydin, Nanit Blog

Consistency’s so, so, so important for sleep, whether you’re an infant or adult. But, often, my sleep gets thrown off track on the weekends or when I travel. This year, I’m going to make more of an effort to keep a consistent sleep schedule, even when I’m tempted to sleep in later on the weekends. And, before a vacation, I will actually attempt to prepare for the time zone change ahead of time so I don’t feel like a zombie in tourist’s clothing while abroad!”  

What about you? What’s your sleep resolution for 2017? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.