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What People Are Saying About Nanit

Nanit is less than a year old, but just like your baby, it’s already making quite the first impression. Business Insider called us one of the best startups to launch in 2016. We were named a 2017 finalist in the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards. And numerous parents, blogs and media sites have hailed Nanit’s groundbreaking technology.

So what exactly is so great about Nanit? Here’s what people across the web have been saying about the smartest baby monitor on the block:


Nanit got a shout-out on Glamour.com’s “35 (Modern!) Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Actually Get Excited About” list: “If the mom you’re buying for is a new one, Nanit is an advanced baby monitor that uses computer vision technology to deliver scientifically backed insights designed to help babies and entire families sleep better. She’ll get: a top-quality mobile app experience, a simple floor stand, a night-light and a fully integrated cable management system.”

Good Morning Washington

On Good Morning Washington, lifestyle expert and editor Pamela Pekerman added Nanit to her list of game-changing tech for moms: “It is the smartest, smartest baby monitor I have ever seen…[It monitors] how the baby sleeps and [tells] Mommy or Daddy on their phone the sleeping patterns, so you can see over time the improvement in sleep and make adjustments.”

LA Parenting

The LA Parenting blog called out Nanit’s easy-to-use features that make life, well, easier: “Nanit features a mobile app experience that allows parents and caregivers to share important information with each other via Nanit’s private social feed. Other key features include an easy set-up floor stand, a night light, a fully integrated cable management system, sound/motion notifications, and HD surveillance of the nursery. Nanit is designed to help new mothers (and fathers) for whom baby’s sleep is as elusive as those sheep jumping over the fence. It might even help those weary parents get a few extra winks too.”


In a video feature on Facebook, CNBC highlighted Nanit as a monitor for moms and dads “who value sleep”: “This smart baby monitor knows more about your baby’s sleeping habits than you do. Nanit’s sensor-free sleep tracking monitor learns how your baby moves. It uses computer vision to analyze your child’s actions and tells you if they are awake, fussy or finally dreaming.”

The Cribsie Awards

Nanit was awarded an Academy Star by the Cribsie Awards: ”Developed with doctors and sleep experts, Nanit is a baby-safe smart monitor that provides parents with information about their babies’ sleep habits and overall wellness. The camera’s machine-learning and computer vision technology measure a baby’s sleep cycle and provide actionable insights that allow parents to make the best choices for their baby’s sleep. Nanit is the first and only monitor on the market that provides sleep insights, behavioral analysis, parenting tips, social sharing capabilities and nightly video summaries without a wearable component.”

Savvy Sassy Moms

The blog Savvy Sassy Moms added Nanit to its list of top baby monitors for the techy, saying: “This year video baby monitors took a huge leap in terms [of] the high tech options that are available. Hands down, the brand new Nanit takes the lead in the tech department. First off, this monitor boasts top rated security, because it doesn’t use your IP address to stream. The Nanit uses an encrypted video stream from their servers to your authenticated devices and a unique directional antenna that keeps wifi signals away from the baby.”

The Today Show

On The Today Show, expert Brit Morin praised Nanit as “more than just a baby monitor”: “What it is is not only a video monitor that you can access from your phone, but it tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and the movement. It knows how well your baby has been sleeping.”

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Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.