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5 Best Ways For New Dads to Get Involved — And Stay Involved — With Their Kids From the Start

Unfortunately, dads aren’t always seen as being as crucial to infants’ lives as their mothers are. But luckily for dads who want to be there for (almost) every bedtime, every giggle and burp, there are numerous ways to get involved in their kids’ lives from the very start — and remain a fixture forever. Because,...CONTINUE READING

Meet Nanit’s Stand

When we set out to create the world’s smartest baby monitor, we threw ourselves into research. That meant talking to parents one-on-one and examining how they used their current monitors. Right away we noticed a big problem. Parents struggled to find a safe spot for the monitor, one that kept cords out of the way,...CONTINUE READING
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Ask a Sleep Expert: Why Did My Baby Stop Sleeping Through the Night?

In our new series “Ask a Sleep Expert,” we pose a question from a reader to pediatric sleep consultant Ingrid Prueher, founder of BabySleepWhisperer.com, and get her expert insight and advice.  “My baby was sleeping through the night. Then all of a sudden, at seven months, he stopped. What happened?” –Regina, State College, Pennsylvania Ingrid:...CONTINUE READING

5 Common Sleep Mistakes

Bringing up baby comes with a lot of sleepless nights. In fact, you might be more than a little sleep deprived as you read this…and possibly wearing two different colored socks. The good thing? You’re not alone. Sleep has been an issue for parents everywhere since, well, forever. On average, moms and dads lose 44...CONTINUE READING
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The Secret to Raising an Independent Sleeper

The term independent is often used to describe things like countries, and college students (well, sometimes), but babies are rarely thrown into that mix, being best known for their tendency to need almost everything done for them. But, what if you could start laying the foundation for your baby’s independence now? What if that foundation...CONTINUE READING