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How Nanit Will Change the Way You View Your Child’s Sleep

New parents have a lot of information to take in. That’s why we designed Nanit Pro Camera to automatically track tons of data on your baby’s sleep habits and night schedule. Our handy Nanit App not only makes the data easy to read, it’s easy to share: You can pass on cute videos to friends and family, and valuable data to your pediatrician or sleep trainer. In addition to its crystal-clear live feed, Nanit tells you average bedtimes and wake times, the number of visits you’re making, when your baby falls asleep, wakes up, and so much more.

Since Nanit does so much, we thought we’d break it down even further.

Nanit Insights Helps You Objectively Track Improvements

With each passing day, your baby is growing stronger and more independent. But since the improvements are so subtle, they can be difficult to notice. Nanit tracks these incremental improvements and logs them for you. For example, you’ll be able to see that last month you visited your baby three times a night, and this month you’re down to two visits per night. (That means more sleep for baby and parents!)

Our technology also tracks your baby’s progress in putting themselves to sleep, which can serve as an encouraging reminder of their development when you’re feeling understandably worn out. 

Helps You Know How Good Your Child is at Self-Soothing

Without Nanit, you’d have no way of knowing when your baby wakes up and falls asleep on their own. Not only does Nanit track both of these things, it tells you how long they’ve been asleep, and will let you know that they fell asleep on their own. Knowing this will save you unnecessary trips to the nursery.

Nanit Helps You Track Your Own Consistency

Consistent bedtimes and sleep schedules are crucial for helping babies sleep as much as possible. But sticking to a bedtime schedule can be difficult, especially for sleep-deprived parents. Nanit keeps track of when you put your baby down and when they fall asleep, giving you a record of how well you’re sticking to the routine.

Nanit Tracks Sleep Onset

Knowing exactly how long your baby takes to fall asleep — and how that length of time might change — is an invaluable piece of information. It’s a useful measure for telling you if your baby got enough exercise during the day, if their last nap was too long, or highlighting other factors that play a role in their sleep. With Nanit, you’ll always be able to get your baby to bed at exactly the right time.

Nanit Let’s You Share Data with a Sleep Trainer or Pediatrician

Nanit lets you get the most out of visits to sleep trainers or pediatricians by letting you share its data. Giving these professionals Nanit’s data is one of the most vital ways you can help them do their job. And with Nanit it’s only a setting away.

Nanit Tracks Temperature and Humidity

Nanit takes note of the temperature and humidity in your baby’s nursery — two of the most important factors that determine how well they sleep. Knowing if you need to adjust either is a snap with Nanit’s data.

We’ll Give You Sleep Tips as Needed

Based on your baby’s sleep data, Nanit will send you updates via email or in-app notifications to help you make adjustments. No more fretting or trail and error — we do the hard work of data collection and analysis so you can do the parenting.

Download the Nanit App now.

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Chase Scheinbaum
Chase Scheinbaum

Chase Scheinbaum is a journalist and uncle four times over who's written for Businessweek, Village Voice, AJ+, Men's Journal, Fatherly and other publications.