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Love Nanit? Meet Nanit Plus!

Too little sleep can affect adults in big ways. But when it comes to babies, the right amount and quality of sleep means everything – better cognitive abilities, healthier physical development, and more. Nanit understands that sleep matters for everyone in the family and when your baby sleeps better, you sleep better. And even though the benefits of sleep are well-established, parents (and babies) don’t seem to be getting what they need.

When we first created Nanit, we knew that with the right technology, we could help every new parent sleep better. And after parents discovered (and loved) Nanit, our customers asked us for a few more things to make their nights a little easier.

We listened. Parents wanted to help soothe their babies with calming sounds, plus the ability to communicate with their children, and to be able to provide specific levels of access to the extended parenting team. We knew that even a smart baby monitor could evolve, so we created the Nanit Plus.

First, we made sure to keep everything you loved about the original Nanit, including:

  • The overhead camera: A sleek camera with advanced vision with super-smart algorithms to tell you if baby’s fussy, awake or sleeping like a dream.
  • Real information that’s really useful: Trends, tips, and reports—Nanit still takes it all and makes it so you can really do something with that information.
  • Nightlight: Directed at the ceiling so you can spot the wayward binkie without starting the nighttime or naptime routine all over again.
  • Cable management: Keeps curious fingers (and toes) away. Safety first!
  • Sleep tracking and analysis: Understand your baby’s sleep development, and learn how to improve with real-time information and coaching.

Nanit Plus has all of this… PLUS:

Two-Way Audio

This great new feature lets you speak or sing to your little one, right through your Nanit app. So if you hear them cooing, laughing or crying, you can sing them to sleep, no matter where you are.

Nature Sounds & White Noise

Whether you want to lull the little one to sleep with crashing waves, softly chirping birds or gently humming white noise, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. (Coming soon)

Advanced User Permissions

Parents know they want all the access, but for some key caregivers, permissions might need to get dialed up or down. With advanced user permissions, you can easily enable or disable user access with an on/off toggle. Individual control is easy too, you can control who can:

  • Hear livestream audio
  • Hear and view recorded moments
  • Control night light
  • Control nature sounds
  • Receive real-time notifications (sound & motion)
  • Use two-way audio

The Nanit was originally designed to help babies, and their parents sleep better. And the new Nanit Plus has taken our award-winning product to the next level with new features and advanced security not found in any other product. We did all this, and more, to bring happy days, and restful nights, to your whole family.

To learn more about Nanit Plus, visit our features page.

Already know Nanit Plus is right for you? Buy it now!

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