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Introducing Nanit – The Baby Monitor That Thinks

It’s official. Today marks the launch of Nanit, the first video baby monitor that actually understands baby’s sleep! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Nanit’s game-changing technology to parents everywhere – we think it’s going to blow you away.

And we’re not just saying that because Nanit is our pride and joy, a labor of love for the past four years. Our dedicated team of scientists, pediatricians, engineers, sleep researchers and parents spent night and day perfecting Nanit, all with the goal of revolutionizing baby’s sleep. It’s truly a baby monitor like no other, designed to help parents get a fuller picture of sleep. Because the more you know, the better baby sleeps…and the better everyone in the family sleeps.

So why exactly is Nanit so life-changing? Allow us to break it down…

An All-knowing Camera

Nanit’s sleek camera is more than just a pretty face. It’s backed by advanced computer vision technology that actually learns how baby moves in the crib, then uses super-smart algorithms to tell you if baby’s fussy, awake or sleeping like a dream via the Nanit mobile app. The camera tracks everything from sleep patterns and crib visits to room conditions and sleep quality. And it does it all without any sensors, wearable bands or complicated setup rituals. As if that wasn’t enough, Nanit’s optimized for night vision and comes with a built-in nightlight and lullaby sound box.

Sleep Tracking Made Easy

Think of Nanit’s app as a 24/7 news channel reporting exclusively on baby’s sleep. You can get real-time updates in the activity feed, access day and night sleep reports and trends, view a heat map of baby’s movements, monitor white noise and lullabies, plus capture video and cute crib moments to share with friends and family.

High-quality Live Stream

Ever find yourself at work wishing you could check up on how baby’s second nap of the day is going? Problem solved. Nanit’s crystal-clear live stream provides HD-quality video right to your phone or tablet. So you can keep tabs on baby and find out just how they’re sleeping, no matter where you go.  

The Perfect Perspective

No more struggling to find the perfect, safe spot for the monitor. Our unique, easy-to-install stand gives you the best view of baby (one that’s not obstructed by crib bars) from our patented bird’s-eye perspective.

Quick and Simple Sharing

Nanit makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop, from the nanny to Grandma, so that baby’s sleep always stays on track. You can add multiple users to your Nanit account and control how much each user can see right from the app.

Safety and Security

We geek out when it comes to technology, but nothing’s more important to us than baby’s safety. That’s why every piece of Nanit’s hardware has undergone extensive safety testing. Not only is it baby-safe, but video and images are protected completely on Nanit’s secure servers.

Nanit starts shipping in September for $349. But if you pre-order before August 15, you can take advantage of our launch sale and bring Nanit home for just $279.

Visit www.nanit.com for more details and start the journey to better sleep today!

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The Vision and Technology Behind Nanit
Diana Aydin
Diana Aydin

Diana is an editor and writer based in New York City, and she frequently writes about health, parenting and everything babies. She’s been a fan of sleep since the early 1980s.