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Introducing Nanit Pajamas with Breathing Motion Monitoring

Introducing Nanit Pajamas. Comfortable for babies and comforting for parents, it’s our newest addition to the Nanit Breathing Wear line. Nanit Pajamas work exclusively with both the Nanit Pro and Nanit Plus cameras, are 100% cotton, machine washable and allow you to monitor your baby’s breaths per minute in real-time, without putting electronic devices on your baby or in the crib. You’ll be able to improve their sleep, while enjoying the same peace of mind from Breathing Wear knowing that your little one is healthy and safe.

Through custom-designed patterns printed on the Nanit Swaddle and Breathing Band, the Nanit Pro camera can read the rhythm of your baby’s every inhale and exhale, without any sensors coming in contact with their skin. It’s like having your hand right on your baby’s chest, from anywhere, making it easy to check in on your little one right from your Nanit app. You can say goodbye to accidental wake-ups during check-ins, so your baby, and you, can sleep better.

Pajamas are available in four sizes, for babies up to 9 months old, including newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. The newborn and 0–3 months size pajamas include mittens and 6-9 months size includes non-slip grips on the feet for babies starting to stand and take their first steps.

Breathing Wear is intentionally designed to monitor your baby’s breathing motion while providing a safe, secure and snug fit so they sleep soundly through the night. With Pajamas, and all Nanit Breathing Wear items, you’ll enjoy: 

Peace of Mind – View your baby’s breaths per minute from the Nanit app as you watch them sleep, so you’re always assured that they’re okay.

Real-time Alerts – If Nanit detects that your baby might need your attention, an alert triggers on your camera and any devices you’re using to monitor your baby’s breathing motion.

Sensor Free – Breathing Wear was designed with safety and comfort in mind. The fabric is free from any sensors, electronics, batteries, or wires. Babylist calls Nanit Breathing Wear “basically a free peace of mind accessory”.

No Recharging – The Nanit camera reads directly from the fabric’s pattern, so there’s no need to charge or connect your pajamas.

Pajamas are now available on nanit.com – learn more!

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