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Introducing Nanit Memories: Your Baby Book on Autopilot.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest rewards, and your baby’s first year is undoubtedly one of the most miraculous. Much of their first twelve months of life are spent in the crib, which means many of their growth and developmental milestones will happen there. 

What if you could easily capture and document these moments within your Nanit app? With the release of Nanit Memories, this is now possible. Your very own baby book, now in digital form, curated especially for your family. Using Nanit’s patented AI technology and science, Memories is our latest feature to continue our mission to support parents in their parenting journey. 

Using computer vision (the same technology we use to track your baby’s sleep and breathing motion), the Nanit camera is able to detect babies’ most important ‘firsts’ or unexpected moments, such as their first time sleeping through the night. These moments are automatically saved directly to the Memories tab within your app so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

So what else does Memories auto*magically* capture?

  • Sleep Milestones: Capture your baby’s breakthroughs in the crib, from their longest stretch of sleep to the first time they settle themselves to rest. After many sleepless nights, a peaceful slumber is worth remembering.
  • Growth Achievements: Time with your baby goes by quickly. Make it last with monthly birthday anniversaries that capture their growth and progress.
  • Fun Moments: Half asleep picking your baby up in the morning? Memories makes fun compilations, so even your groggiest moments can make it to the baby book.

You can also save and curate moments yourself. Special moments in your baby’s Activity Feed can be saved to Memories and you can add your own photos with just the click of a button. Share these Memories with loved ones, such as grandparents, so they can keep up to date with all the important milestones, big and small, wherever they are, whenever they want, directly through the app. 

Easily begin writing your child’s story, one magical Nanit memory at a time. To learn more about Memories, click below.

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