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Introducing Nanit Breathing Wear: Sound sleep, made simple.

Life with a newborn is filled with lots of beautiful moments, from their first breath to their first step. But parenthood also brings a new set of worries and anxieties that until you’re a parent, you don’t really understand. From simple things, like knowing which size diaper or Swaddle to buy, to bigger concerns like nutrition, and healthy sleep. And every new parent knows the feeling of sneaking into the nursery to put their hand on their baby’s chest to make sure they’re breathing.

As a new parent, keeping your baby safe and sound is your number one concern. We know, we’re parents too. But what if there was a way to feel more confident that your baby is well cared for while they’re asleep? And what if you could receive immediate notifications if and when your baby needs your attention?

Introducing Nanit Breathing Wear. Comfortable for babies and comforting for parents, it’s the newest addition to the ultimate sleep system. And it’s about to change the game for parents, old and new, everywhere.

Breathing Wear transforms the Nanit Plus camera into the ultimate baby monitoring system, with HD video and audio, sleep tracking and advice, and now real-time monitoring of your baby’s breathing motion. Since the Nanit Plus sees motion down to the pixel level, you’ll be able to accurately monitor your baby’s breathing patterns, improve their sleep, and most importantly, enjoy peace of mind that your little one is healthy and safe.

Through custom-designed patterns printed on the the Nanit Swaddle and Breathing Band, the Nanit Plus camera can read the rhythm of your baby’s every inhale and exhale, without any sensors coming in contact with their skin. In the Nanit app, you can monitor your baby’s breathing motion, whether you’re just down the hall, or an ocean away. Sleep soundly, knowing you’ll receive alerts if something isn’t right, or if no breathing motion is detected.

Nanit Breathing Wear is like having your hand right on your baby’s chest, from anywhere, making it easy to check in on your little one right from your Nanit app. And best of all, there are no more accidental wake-ups during check-ins, so your baby, and you, can sleep better.

Coming this Spring. Join the waitlist today!

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Better Sleep, Now Included.