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The Birth of Nanit.

Every morning while walking down the streets of New York City, I pass hundreds of people — young and old. No matter their age today, they were babies once. All of them. It’s tough to imagine now, but that’s where their journey started. And that’s where Nanit starts, too.

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day. Each one of them is incredibly special to his or her parents. Every day comes with another set of challenges until they’re old enough to leave the nest. One of the first of which, of course, is teaching them to sleep.

Sleep is vital because it is a time when babies process the day’s activities and organize their memories of the day. When they sleep enough, they are more focused and less tired, meaning they’ll have more energy to learn the many things they need to. And let’s not forget about you! When your baby is sleeping well, so will you, and you’ll be a better parent for it.

Nanit was inspired by the birth of my eldest son, Udi. Like all parents my wife and I wanted to give him the best possible start to life. In the beginning, Udi spent 16 to 18 hours sleeping each day. Sleep, I learned, was pivotal to Udi’s health and development. Since sleep is so important, I wanted to learn more about it. I searched for a video baby monitor to provide me with the best insight. What I found was disappointing: a collection of poorly designed and unreliable cameras with very limited capabilities. Most importantly, none of the monitors on the market helped me learn more about Udi’s sleep.

And so I set out to reinvent the baby monitor, with a promise to equip parents with stress-free insights about their children. Joining me in this journey were Tor Ivry, our CTO & co-founder, and Andrew Berman, our COO & co-founder, along with Lisa Kennedy, our CRO. Most of our employees are parents, a fact that helps steer us in the right direction.

On the design side, we hired the most creative minds to meet parents’ needs. We paired them with a technology team comprised of savvy algorithm, mobile, hardware, and full stack developers. Our team works in a methodological way to create significant positive changes in sleep patterns for both babies and parents.

Our business took shape at Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, which allowed us to anchor Nanit in science. Plus, we’re supported by visionary investorsand surrounded with top advisors on imaging systems, machine learning, computer vision, human-centric design, sleep science, and child development.

Improving family sleep is not the only benefit we’re after. We have huge plans for more! We want to track developmental milestones, introduce family collaboration tools, capture precious moments, expand to toddler sleep, collaborate on human behavior studies with top researchers and lots more. All of those improvements will benefit Nanit and the greater world of sleep science.

Today we celebrate the birth of Nanit, as we begin shipping out the very first finished cameras to the customers who believed in us. Our mission as a team is to provide insights that matter about sleep and more. From birth to beyond, we are here for you to make your journey – both sleeping and awake – better.

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Assaf Glazer
Assaf Glazer

Assaf Glazer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nanit and a father of three. He is an expert in the fields of machine learning and computer vision.